Your Ultimate Guide to Birthstone Jewelry

Author Veronica Rose
Date Sep 3, 2021

Who doesn't love a little pop of color? And what better way to add color to your life than with the color of your birthstone. There is so much to learn about when it comes to birthstone jewelry including its historical origins, its geological story, its special meanings and its healing properties. We've gathered so much information over the years on all your favorite gemstones; so we thought keeping them all in one place would make an even better resource. Dive in and read up on your birthstone's story and learn a thing or two about the others while you're at it!

January: Garnet

Garnet: January's Birthstone History

You may already know the birthstone for January is Garnet but have you ever thought about where it came from or what it was used for? Garnets have a long and wide history, with many uses throughout Ancient times and with some things we still use and believe today. Dive deep with us into the history and healing uses for the birthstone Garnet.



February: Amethyst

Fall in Love with Amethyst this February

February, known for Valentine’s day and romance, is also known for being the official birthstone month of amethyst. Considered to be one of the most popular and well-known semi-precious gems, it is notorious for its deep purple color, with a wide array of hues ranging from soft lilac to vibrant violet. At Long’s, we have an extensive estate collection of fascinatingly exquisite vintage amethyst pieces for every style!

The Legend & Beliefs Behind February's Birthstone: Amethyst

Amethyst has such an interesting and colorful story behind it, including the legends surrounding the stone and people's beliefs.





March: Aquamarine

Spring Into March With Unique Aquamarine Estate Jewelry

Looking to brighten up your wardrobe for spring? Well check out these amazing aquamarine estate jewelry pieces to give your outfit a pop of color. And learn a few interesting facts about the stone too!




April: Diamond

7 Brilliant Diamond Estate Jewelry Pieces For April

Looking for the perfect diamond accessory? Celebrate April by taking a look at our favorite diamond estate jewelry that will match everything!





May: Emerald

5 Elegant Estate Emeralds Under $1000

What better stone to represent May birthdays and the beginning of spring than a vibrant green emerald? A symbol of rebirth, emeralds and their infamous deep green color are often associated with renewal, making it the perfect stone to represent the month of May!




June: Pearl

Vintage Pearl Jewelry For The Girl With An Old Soul

Do you love the classic look of vintage pearl jewelry? We have 8 of our favorite vintage pearl pieces that you'll LOVE!




Beyond the Birthstone: 8 Vintage Pearls for June

Pearls are a huge part of the spring and summer trends allowing us to look trendy while breaking out our vintage pearls! Gift them to your favorite Geminis and Cancers or buy them for yourself. In June, there are more reasons than ever to rock your favorite pearl accessories.


5 Legends On The Mythology Of Pearls You Didn't Know

Pearls symbolize wisdom gained through experience. And as the birthstone for June, this organic stone is the subject of many myths and legends.




Pearls of Wisdom: All You Need to Know About Pearls & Their Origins

The pearl is unlike any other gemstone. Here we've curated a list of some of our favorite pearl pieces of all different shapes, colors, and backgrounds!




9 Colored Pearls and Their Symbolic Meaning

When you think of June’s birthstone pearl, iridescent white comes to mind. Yet, pearls come in an endless variety of exotic hues!





July: Ruby/Moonstone

5 Magical Antique & Estate Moonstones (July's Astrological Birthstone)

Born in July and looking for an alternate birthstone to the red ruby? How about the ethereal moonstone?




August: Peridot

August Birthstone: Everything You Never Knew About Peridot's History

Peridot, the birthstone for August, has a long history dating back to Ancient Egypt. Considered to be one of the oldest gemstones it is no wonder there is plenty of fascinating lore and mystery many people have yet to discover about this green-hued gem.




September: Sapphire

September Picks: Sapphire and Diamond Jewelry

We’re celebrating the start of fall with September’s birthstone: the sapphire. Here are some favorite sapphire and diamond pieces from our estate collection!




Did You Know? Not All Sapphires Are Blue!

There are a range of different colored sapphires that exist because of changes in their crystal structure. Find out what they are!





October: Opal/Tourmaline

October is for Opals (and Tourmaline)

It’s October and in the world of jewelry that means opals and tourmaline. Individuals born in October get to choose between two birthstones: tourmaline and opal. Take a look at some of our favorite opal and tourmaline pieces currently in our collection!



October Picks: Opulent Opal Vintage & Estate Jewelry

October is all about the opals. It’s hard to deny the beauty and brilliance of the opal. Here are some of our favorite pieces in our estate collection!





November: Citrine

10 "Scary" Fun Facts You Didn't Know About November's Stone, Citrine

Here's why citrine should not be ignored with these "scary" fun facts that we think everyone should know about this sophisticated stone.




6 Estate Citrines to Fall For this November

Nothing better than rich orange-hued citrines to warm you up during the cool autumn months. Check out our top 6 citrines below, November baby or not!





December: Zircon/Topaz/Tanzanite/Turquoise

Fighting the Winter Blues One December Birthstone at a Time

When it comes to birthstones, December offers three different ways to fight the winter blues: tanzanite, zircon, & turquoise. All three are known for their beautiful blue color. Read on to learn more about these three beautiful stones and see some of our favorite pieces currently in our collection!




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