14 Engagement Rings with a Pop of Color

Author Veronica Rose
Date Sep 9, 2019


Even if you don't know exactly what you want, you've at least thought about what your engagement ring should look like. Maybe that includes a traditional diamond solitaire or maybe you've decided to go out of the box when it comes to your ring. Considering this ring will be worn on your finger for the rest of your life, you should be taking your own style and taste into consideration. Diamond solitaire rings are traditional and beautiful, but maybe a colored stone suits you better-and that's okay!

Standing out from the crowd has never been easier when it comes to unique engagement rings, especially when you swap out a classic diamond for a colored stone. We have seen contemporary brides prefer colored gemstones and diamonds more and more each year and the trend is only increasing in popularity. Engagement stones with a pop of color, whether it be the center stone or just accentuating it, are a great way to add a personal and sentimental touch.

Opting for a colored gem ensures that it will be a true reflection of your unique style and it will secure the sentimental bond between you and your spouse. And thanks to celebrities like Katy Perry, Kate Middleton, and Gwyneth Paltrow, colored stone engagement rings don't seem to be going out of style any time soon.

Although, not all stones are created equally, so make sure to keep this in mind when it comes to choosing a ring that will be worn throughout your lifetime. Certain stones like emeralds and quartz, for example, are considered to be too soft to withstand an engagement ring's longtime wear. Sapphires, tourmaline, zircon and alexandrite, on the other hand, are excellent choices for unique engagement rings due to their hardness, luster, and wide range of beautiful hues. There are many amazing and unique engagement rings to choose from at Long's but read on to get a sneak peak of our top 14 engagement rings with a pop of color!

Blue Sapphires

1. Platinum Emerald Cut Sapphire Halo Diamond Ring
2. Platinum Oval Sapphire and Diamond Ring
3. 18K White Gold Three-Stone Sapphire and Diamond Ring
4. Platinum Oval Sapphire and Diamond Ring
5. Platinum Cushion Sapphire and Diamond Ring
6. 18K White Gold Sapphire and Diamond Ring

No one will ever forget the elegance and beauty of Princess Diana's iconic sapphire and diamond engagement ring, and no one will forget yours either. Worn today by Kate Middleton, Princess Di's famous ring has spurned an entirely new generation's love of sapphire engagement rings. Revered by the royals for centuries, this September birthstone is actually quite close to diamonds in strength and durability, making it a great alternative to a diamond. With some even choosing white sapphires over diamonds, due to their closeness in appearance and physicality, rich royal blue sapphires are up to the challenge against the typical wear and tear that engagement rings go through on a daily basis.

Non-Traditional Sapphires

7. 18K Rose and White Gold Pink Sapphire and Diamond Ring
18K White Gold Purple Cushion Sapphire and Diamond Ring
9. Platinum Orange Sapphire and Diamond Ring
10. 18K Rose Gold Sapphire and Diamond Ring
11. 18K White Gold Sapphire and Diamond Halo Ring

When sapphires are talked about, the traditional navy colored stones are the first that come to mind but not many people realize that there are actually a lot of other colors associated with sapphires. In our featured collection alone, shown in the photo above, there are pink, pastel blue, orange and purple but there are still many more. Any and all of these colors are vibrant and bold when compared to colorless diamonds, making them striking and beautiful alternatives to a traditional diamond engagement ring.

Pink and purple sapphires scream softness and femininity so it's no wonder brides love the idea of incorporating these pretty colors in their engagement rings. Orange, on the other hand, is contemporary and edgy - a bold and beautiful choice for our risk taking brides.

Tourmaline, Alexandrite and Zircon

12. 18K White Gold Blue Tourmaline and Diamond Halo Ring
13. Platinum Alexandrite and Diamond Ring
14. 18K White Gold Blue Zircon and Diamond Halo Ring

Like sapphires, tourmaline, zircon and alexandrite all vary in color and are all unique and gorgeous alternatives to a simple colorless diamond.

Tourmaline: With their exquisite color and hardness, tourmalines make for an excellent colored engagement ring stone. The many colors such as pink, yellow, blue, green, brown, and black, show that there are more than enough options to choose from that will definitely complement you and your individual style. Known for driving away risk and encouraging originality, this stone's deeper meaning couldn't be more on the nose.

Zircon: Like the other stones mentioned, zircon occurs in a variety of colors including yellow, green, red, brown, and blue. Known for its brilliance and flashes of multicolored light, this stone ranks high in regards to its hardness and luster, which is always important when incorporating it in a ring that will be worn most frequently and should last a lifetime.

Alexandrite: Although it appears in the photo above as an opaque turquoise, alexandrites are actually one of the most phenomenal color changing stones known to man, with hues ranging from blue to green to even purple.With a hardness not much different from diamonds or sapphires, alexandrites make for pretty tough stones that will give you some piece of mind when it comes to it's durability over the years. With its endurance and remarkable color changing abilities in both fluorescent and natural light, this colored gemstone will be turning heads for years to come.

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