Close-up of a person adjusting the time on a luxury bi-metal wristwatch with a gold and silver strap. The person's left hand is wearing a white glove while the right hand, without a glove, manipulates the watch's crown. The watch features a gold dial.

Rolex watch servicing and repair at Long's

Rolex watches are designed and built to last.

From the conception of a Rolex watch to the time it leaves the workshops, every step of its development and manufacture follows a single critical requirement: quality. As a result, there is no limit on how long a Rolex watch can keep working, being handed down from one generation to the next, and living several lives.

A person in a suit is handing a luxury watch to a seated individual. Another watch is displayed in an open box on the table between them. The hand of the person presenting the watch is wearing a white glove. The background is a well-lit, elegant setting.

Let an expert guide you

With many years between services, your watch deserves the most exacting attention. As a Rolex Authorized Service Center, Long's is committed to offering you first-class after-sales service. Thanks to the exacting standards and expertise of our watchmakers, your Rolex watch can contin-ue to perform its functions over time with outstanding reliability and exceptional beauty.

Servicing your Rolex through Long's

Long's is proud to be part of the worldwide network of Rolex-trained watchmakers, carefully selected for their uncompromising professionalism and expertise. We follow the Rolex Service Procedure, designed to ensure that every timepiece leaving a Rolex workshop complies with its original functional and aesthetic specifications.

A person wearing a white lab coat and a magnifying loupe examines an intricate pocket watch. The individual holds the watch carefully, focusing closely on its details. The background is blurred, putting emphasis on the meticulous analysis of the timepiece.
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Your authorized service center

The watchmakers in our cutting-edge workshops are trained according to strict excellence criteria and assessed regularly by Rolex. From adjusting the length of a bracelet to carrying out a complete overhaul, every type of servicing operation for a Rolex watch can be entrusted to Long's.

A modern watchmaking workshop with three craftsmen in white lab coats. One is focusing intently on a watch at a desk, another is working with tools, and a third person is blurred in motion. The space is well-lit with wooden accents and various equipment on the desks.

The Rolex service procedure

The Rolex service procedure is designed to ensure that every timepiece leaving a Rolex workshop complies with its original functional and aesthetic specifications. Each movement is completely overhauled and each case and bracelet is meticulously refinished to restore its lustre. Timekeeping accuracy and waterproofness are rigorously tested to guarantee the level of quality and reliability you naturally expect from a Rolex watch.

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A person wearing white gloves holds a luxury wristwatch with a two-tone metal bracelet. The back of the watch case and the clasp, which is slightly opened, are visible, highlighting the craftsmanship and detailing.

The two-year Service Guarantee

After a complete service, your Rolex is covered by a two-year Service Guarantee. This guarantee excludes any damage or deterioration that results from an accident or from mishandling of the watch. Any intervention by a non-Rolex-authorized third party or the addition of any non-Rolex-manufactured parts or accessories will void the Service Guarantee.

A rectangular Rolex card with a green and white background is displayed on a flat surface. The left side of the card is green with the Rolex logo, and the right side is white with text indicating it is a Rolex world service card. The card has a gold edge.
A skilled watchmaker's hands delicately work on the components of a mechanical watch. Precision tools, tiny screws, and watch parts are seen on the table, along with an open watch mechanism, highlighting the intricate craftsmanship involved.