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Why are the results such a big range?

Even within a very tight range of carat weight, color, clarity and shape, there are other factors that lead to HUGE differences in quality and price. For example, the diamond’s cut, which represents the measurements and proportions of the diamond, can create huge fluctuations in prices upwards of 30 to 40%! In the market, you can find 1 carat stones that are under 6 millimeters wide and some that are well over 6.5 millimeters wide. That’s a gigantic difference, and those diamonds look completely different to the eye. A well-cut (or well-proportioned) 1 carat, round diamond that properly aligns its facets to maximize brilliance should be 6.3 mm to 6.5 mm wide. Diamonds with those measurements are more beautiful which is why they are typically more expensive. In addition to cut, there are other factors such as material and fluorescence that can each have as much as a 10% to 20% impact on price. So there is so much more than just the 4 C’s.

Here at Long’s, our highly popular round diamonds start at the following prices (for I to J color and SI1 to SI2 clarity):

Loose Diamond Weight Starting Price
1/2 Carat $1,150
3/4 Carat $2,295
1 Carat $4,950
1 1/4 Carat $6,350
1 1/2 Carat $8,950


Where in the range you should be

It depends on what is important to you! If you want the highest quality, most beautiful and most brilliant diamond, you will fall in the top half of the price range. If you are more interested in maximizing size and you are comfortable sacrificing brilliance, beauty and quality for size, you might be in middle or the lower half of the range. At Long’s, we believe you should see diamonds side by side so you can understand the differences in quality and make the right decision for yourself. A diamond is something that should be appreciated for a lifetime and even for generations, which is why we believe in quality diamonds that don't fall into the very bottom of this range.

Will I find this entire range at Long's?

While we carry the largest selection of diamonds in the market, we don't have diamonds that cover the very bottom part of the range. We believe in hand picking truly beautiful diamonds which will make you happy for a lifetime, so we avoid the lower quality diamonds that aren’t beautiful and are therefore priced very low. We just don't think those diamonds meet a high enough standard and in that case, you get what you pay for!

Are there diamonds that fall outside this wide range?

Yes, for several reasons. One of the biggest reasons is the grading standard used. These prices listed here are for diamonds that use GIA or AGS laboratory grading standards, which are both not-for-profit educational grading labs. This offers greater transparency, unlike other labs that may be hedged for corporate benefit. For instance, other certifications like EGL or IGI have less strict standards. An F color, VS1 clarity diamond, for example, according to EGL could likely be graded as a G or H color and SI clarity diamond by the GIA. The GIA is the true, apples to apples standard the industry uses, and it offers the most transparency, which is why it is our standard here at Long’s. In addition, this range considers diamonds that start at a fairly low quality and run up to the best quality available. It is possible to find diamonds that fall below these standards, especially from online dealers or even branded diamonds that come with a huge premium and a huge price above and beyond the top of the range.

How can I see specific prices for specific diamonds?

We believe that seeing a diamond is the only way to judge a diamond and the 4C’s only tell part of the story. We have diamonds at all different prices and you can visit any Long’s store to meet with a diamond expert. We also have more diamond shapes than the four that are featured in the calculator above. If you have specific questions, you can also chat with us, email us at customerservice@longsjewelers.com or call us at 877-845-6647. We look forward to meeting you soon!

Please note: Pricing fluctuates and the market can change at any time. Also pricing from our diamond calculator is subject to availability of diamonds and is meant to help point you in the right direction.

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