Vintage Pearl Jewelry For The Girl With An Old Soul

Author Brianna Walsh
Date Feb 15, 2021

Vintage Pearl Jewelry For The Girl With An Old Soul

When you were younger, did you spend a lot of time playing around in your mother's or grandmother's jewelry box? I'm sure you found a few beautiful pearls in there while you were digging! Pearls have a reputation of being classic, old school, and a throwback to older times. But that doesn't mean that you can't still find pearl jewelry that you can dress up to look much more modern and chic.

For our vintage lovers out there, we've looked through our estate jewelry collection to bring you our favorite estate and vintage pearl jewelry pieces. From unique pearl studs, to chunky bracelets, to old fashioned pins, we've got every style of estate pearl jewelry you can imagine.

We picked out some of the best vintage and estate pearl jewels that really cater to a girl with an old soul:

1. 14K White Gold Pearl and Diamond Earrings


Not your average pearl earrings! These gorgeous pearls are a perfect statement piece that'll draw attention to and frame your face beautifully. The diamond accents around the pearls make them all the more fabulous. Not only are you getting funky vintage earrings, but also a great set of pearls to add to your collection.

2. Edwardian Platinum and 14K Yellow Gold Pearl and Diamond Bar Pin



Nothing says old school like fashion pins! Pins or brooches were our grandmothers' definition of glam back in the day, and we are sure you probably saw more than one when rummaging through her jewelry box. They were known to be pinned on suit jackets for a professional look or pinned to dresses for an elegant appearance. The Edwrdian pin featured above is one of our absolute favorites. The detailing is just gorgeous. The pearls pop out and immediately catch your eye. Plus with 6 old mine cut diamonds, this pin is an ultimate glam vintage pearl jewelry piece.

3. 14K Yellow Gold Pearl Necklace


If you are a vintage lover, then a pearl necklace is most likely one of your favorite accessories. This chunky pearl necklace is a one-of-a-kind and a must have piece! It's layered with four strands of pearls and is completed by a gorgeous gold clasp. You will be sure to stand out when wearing this statement piece!

4. 14K Yellow Gold Cultured Pearl Earrings



Lets talk detail! The detailing and craftsmanship in these pearl chandelier earrings is incredible. They are truly unique and a piece you can't take your eyes off of. These earrings really give off that renaissance vibe with all the detailing, and the pearls on the ends are the perfect touch. We can totally imagine a woman from another time wearing these to an elegant party, and now you can do the same.

5. 18K White Gold Tahitian Pearl and Diamond Ring



We love a good statement cocktail ring, especially when there is not to many else like it. This ring features a gorgeous Tahitian pearl surrounded by 42 baguette cut diamonds. These beautiful pearls are formed from a black lip oyster and get their name from mostly being cultivated the islands of French Polyneisa, around Tahiti. Generally, black pearls have been symbols of wealth and prosperity because of their rarity and incredible value, so someone high in society could have potentially owned this before you!

Check out more meanings behind pearls!

6. 14K White Gold Three Row Pearl and Diamond Bracelet



Give the illusion of wearing multiple pearl bracelets when it's really all one. This stunning bracelet has three rows of pearls, giving you a "stacked" look with a gorgeous pave clasp set with 47 full cut diamonds. When wearing this piece, you don't need anything else. It's perfect just by itself. You will be rocking a piece of the past on your wrist and look fashionable while doing it!

7. 14K Yellow Gold Cultured Pearl and Blue Topaz Earrings

14k yellow gold cultured pearl and blue topaz earrings

Another spin on unique pearl studs! You don't only just get beautiful pearls but they are also embellished with blue topaz. These can be a great birthday or holiday gift for the old soul girl in your life that is born in December to represent blue topaz as her birthstone. They can also be a perfect something blue if you are having a vintage inspired wedding. The blue topaz gives the earrings the perfect pop of color and is a great pairing with the pearl.

8. Antique 18K Yellow Gold, Platinum Pearl and Diamond Ring

antique 18k yellow gold platnium pearl and diamond ring

For a dedicated vintage lover, this is the ring for you! It is an antique so it has been around for many years and holds hundreds of memories and stories. The ring is set with three pearls and is surrounded by old mine cut diamonds. You will notice that the pearls really pop and the diamonds sparkle from any angle you look from. This has a lot to do with the diamonds being old mine cut. These particular diamonds are known to shine in even the smallest amount of candlelight and help any other stones around them look their best. You will look like a true vintage girl when having this ring on your finger!

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