6 Estate Citrines to Fall For this November

Author Veronica Rose
Date Feb 15, 2021

6 Citrines to Fall For this November

The leaves have fallen, the air is chilly and daylight savings time is in full effect-it must be November! If you are fortunate enough to have a birthday during this particular month then you must know all about the citrine gemstone. For any others, celebrate your favorite Scorpio or Sagittarius' birthday or honor your loved one on your wedding anniversary by gifting them with this orange-hued birthstone.

Perfectly coordinated with the warm tones of fall, citrine is not only the birthstone for the month of November, but it is also known for infusing your life with positive energy and healing. As the days get shorter we are left with less and less daylight each day, meaning we can use the positive vibes of the citrine now more than ever! Get cozy because this jewelry will warm you right up during these cool autumn months. Check out our favorite citrines below, whether you're a November baby or not!

6 Citrines to Fall For this November
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Both of these earrings are great for fall. The rich orange studs are perfect for everyday wear and these other lighter-hued citrine earrings have interesting detailing that make them a lovely and unique addition to any wardrobe. Citrines are extremely useful stones that aid in self-love, self-improvement, self-healing and inspiration. Known to carry the power of the sun, these orange stones are also full of warmth and comfort. So pair either of these earrings with your most powerful outfit and let the citrine work its magic!

6 Citrines to Fall For this November
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At Long's, there is something for everyone. Our estate department holds many different unique pieces of vintage and vintage-style jewelry that matches any style or taste. The jewelry you wear is not just a tool for styling but it is also a tool for encapsulating who you are. Both of these necklaces are beautiful in their own way and each appeal to a different person and unique taste. The white gold citrine and diamond pendant, for instance, is perfect for someone with an understated, yet classic style that wants a simple pop of color to add to their everyday wardrobe. In contrast, the two-tone gold citrine bead necklace is good for a special occasion or specific look that spices up an outfit in a funky way.

6 Citrines to Fall For this November
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It is a well known fact that the most priced citrines are a warm yellow but the citrines hues range from pale yellow to honey and golden yellow, and even brown. Although, the most sought after and revered citrine color incorporated into fine jewelry is a fiery orange, like you see in the rings shown above. By now you know, citrines aren't for the faint hearted and are great for those that like to style outside of the box. Both of these extravagant rings are great for that. And what color is better for fall jewelry than shades of yellow and orange?! Embrace your inner fall vibes while you still can before the cooler weather creeps in and the snow takes its place in our New England winters.

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