The Legend & Beliefs Behind February's Birthstone: Amethyst

Author Sue Davidson, G.G.
Date Feb 15, 2021

Amethyst is the birthstone for the month of February. The most sought after amethysts shine with the darkest, richest purples. The color can range from a light, pinkish violet to a deep purple.

Amethyst is found predominantly in the volcanic rock of Brazil, Uruguay and Mexico, but it is also found in South Korea, Austria, Zambia, India and the granitic rocks of Russia. The supply of Amethyst is plentiful making this gem affordable for just about anyone.

You will see amethyst in higher priced designer pieces as well as in mass mass-market jewelry. Many jewelry fashion pieces incorporate amethyst because it offers a feminine, strong, and sophisticated look. Amethyst has a Mohs Scale Hardness of 7 meaning it's not easily scratched and is durable enough to avoid scratching and chipping during daily wear.


Amethyst and Greek Mythology


There are different versions of the Greek legend of amethyst. One legend of amethyst’s origin resides with the behavior of the god Dionysus (Bacchus) and the goddess Diana. Dionysus, the god of wine, celebration, intoxication and debauchery, found insult by a mortal. This mortal was a young maiden, Amethyst, who had refused him acknowledgement. The unsuspecting young virgin, who was on her way to pay homage to the goddess of chastity, Diana, was detained by this wrathful god.

Desperate not to become the prey of the lustful god, Amethyst called out to Diana for help. To protect Amethyst’s treasured virginity, Diana turned the maiden into a stone of the purest white (quartz). Once realizing the ruthlessness of his actions, Dionysus began to weep with sorrow. As the tears dripped into his goblet Dionysus collapsed and the tear-tainted wine ran out onto the stone from the tipped cup staining Amethyst the most glorious of purple.


There is also a version where Dionysus summoned veracious tigers to devour the virgin and then Amethyst was saved by Diana. In one account, Bacchus poured a libation of his symbolic wine onto the stone, staining Amethyst the most glorious purple. This powerful legend explains why Greeks wore amethyst to protect against drunkenness.

Whichever version you like, the story is dramatic in expressing the captivating power this beautiful semi- precious stone holds.

Feng Shui and Amethyst


According to the Cambridge dictionary, Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese belief that the way your house is built or the way that you arrange objects affects your success, health, and happiness.

As a Feng Shui tool, amethyst is aimed at clearing negative energy and driving away the hazards from personal or professional life. According to Feng Shui, you can enhance the various aspects of your life with the strategically placement of amethyst in various corners of your home. Feng Shui prescribes the placement of a piece of amethyst under your pillow when preparing for a good night sleep. Your bedroom must first be free of negative energy and following the Feng Shui precepts requires more individual research. It's known to be not only an effective tranquilizer; it is an absorber of the negative energy responsible for disturbed sleep.

With Feng Shui, it's believed our daily routine is a sum total of confrontations and conflicts resulting in tension and anxiety. Mental balance can be restored with the power of a piece of amethyst. Some believe whether you are experiencing a turbulent and emotional time or need reassuring help with studying and learning, you can carry a small polished tumbled piece in your pocket. It is believed to contain your anger and disharmony with the outer world. The purple ray that it radiates helps to reach out to the spiritual layers of the universe and heightens your concentration level and meditation power. This is to cool you down internally and help calm the tensed nerves.

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