23 Blogs That Cover Everything You Need to Know About Diamond Engagement Rings

Author Veronica Rose
Date Jun 3, 2021

We could tell you everything you need to know but why not show you instead! There are so many great resources out there and our blogs are a perfect place to start. We've covered everything under the sun when it comes to diamond engagement rings so why not make your lives easier and have them all in one place? From the 4 C's to do's and don'ts, we've got you covered! See below for our round up of 22 of our favorite diamond engagement blogs.

1. Why Do 2 Carat Engagement Rings Cost So Much More Than 1 Carat Rings?

2 carat diamonds are breath-taking. But when it's time to buy the diamond they cause serious sticker shock for a lot of people! Spoiler alert: 2  carat diamonds cost much more than 1 carat  diamonds. Read on to find out why!


2. Which Diamond Shapes Are Scientifically Proven To Sparkle The Most?

It can be hard to find a beautiful diamond at a price that works for you. That's why it's important to pay attention to the diamond cut! Read on to find out which diamond shapes will be sure to sparkle for you the most.

3. 7 Creative Ideas for Custom Engagement Rings

Custom engagement rings allow you to bring an idea to life and create something that is unique and special. Read more about ways you can create your one-of-a-kind ring.



4. 9 Unique Ways To Hide Diamond Engagement Rings

Popping the question is a big moment in your life. You want it to be perfect. Make your experience as smooth as possible without ruining the surprise. Find alternatives for hiding diamond engagement rings that you can have a little fun with!



5. Diamond Clarity vs Cut: Which Is More Important?

Have you ever wondered what the most important of the famous Four C's was? Everything you need to know about how prioritizing diamond cut and clarity grade.




6. What Are Surprise Diamonds?

Learn more about these hidden, secretive diamonds that are a really fun and unique detail for engagement rings.



7. Is It Safe To Wear Your Engagement Ring To The Gym?

Curious whether it's safe to wear your engagement ring to the gym? Here's what to consider when deciding if you should wear your ring to the gym.




8. How Can a 1 Carat Diamond Range From $2,000 to $20,000?

Diamond pricing doesn't always seem to make sense at first. Find out the different factors that make a 1 carat diamond price out differently.



9. 6 Ways To Make Engagement Rings Look Bigger (Without Sacrificing Quality)

She wants a huge ring but your budget is tight? Let's explore 6 ways to make engagement rings look bigger without sacrificing quality.



10. 6 Factors That Determine The Price Of Loose Diamonds

Ever wonder why loose diamonds cost so much? Here are the different factors that drive the price of a diamond and advice on buying one yourself.




11. What Your Diamond's Shape Says About Your Personality

Diamond shapes can say a lot about a person and their personality. Let's see what your diamond shape says about you. Let us know if we got it right in the comments!


12. 3 Insider Secrets To Help Keep Your Engagement Ring Sparkly

Love your engagement ring? Want to keep it looking sparkly forever? Here are 3 insider tips you’ll want to know to keep it looking brilliant!



13. The Four Cs Of Loose Diamonds [Quick Explanation]

Understanding the four Cs of diamonds is an essential part to buying any loose diamond, yet few people actually understand what the term means. Be in the know and read our quick explanation of the four C's!



14. When To Consider Taking Off Diamond Engagement Rings

We get it, you want to wear your ring everywhere - but at what cost? Certain activities and chores can cause major damage if you're not careful. Find out five different places you should avoid wearing your diamond engagement ring to protect it against unnecessary damage.


15. What You Should Know About A Diamond's Cut and Angles

Think you already know everything about diamonds? Let's take a closer look at a diamond's cut and angles so you can feel more confident.




16. Why a Diamond's Cut Matters So Much

Read this free guide to see how a diamond's cut impacts the light return of every diamond. Feel prepared to make the right decision about diamonds for yourself!




17. What Does it Mean to Buy a Certified Diamond?

Shopping for diamonds is hard. Protect yourself from paying more than its worth by shopping for certified diamonds.




18. What Determines A Diamond's Clarity Grade

When it comes time to buy a diamond, clarity is one of the all-important "four Cs" you should be paying attention to.




19. The Rookie’s Guide to Buying an Engagement Ring

Check out this free guide from Long's Jewelers to learn the steps involved with buying an engagement ring.



20. 7 Things He NEEDS To Know Before Buying Your Engagement Ring

If he understands what he is looking for and what you want for an engagement ring, then shopping for it can be a happy, relaxed process!




21. Terms You Need To Know Before Buying Diamond Engagement Rings

Read this list of key terms that you can use as a "cheat sheet" to get to understand and feel confident talking about diamond engagement rings.




22. How To Care For Your Engagement Ring After The Proposal

It can be exciting after the proposal! But diamond rings require a lot of maintenance after the purchase. Don't forget to find out how you can care for your engagement ring to make sure it looks great. Read and learn all about how you can care for your diamond ring for life!



23. Can I Wear My Engagement And Wedding Ring To The Beach? 7 Dos and Don’ts!

Summer beach days can take a serious toll on your fine jewelry. Keep your engagement and wedding rings protected with these beach bling dos and don'ts!



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