What Are Surprise Diamonds?

Author Lynelle Schmidt
Date Feb 15, 2021

We sometimes have people who ask us about "surprise diamonds" (or peekaboo diamonds) on engagement rings. Maybe you've heard about them, or maybe you're about to be surprised yourself, but these hidden, secretive diamonds are a really fun and unique detail that can be found on some engagement rings.

You might have been able to guess, but surprise diamonds are diamonds that aren't visible on an engagement ring unless you are looking at the ring from a different angle. They are hidden from plain view and cannot be seen when looking down on the ring.

It's common to have smaller diamonds along the band of the ring to add extra sparkle, but these wouldn't qualify as surprise diamonds because you can see them when looking from the top. Surprise diamonds are found in more unexpected places on the ring, like the sides that cannot easily be seen.

What's the appeal to adding diamonds in unexpected places? Well, surprise diamonds add even more sparkle and brilliance to the ring. And who doesn't want that? You'll be able to see diamonds sparkle on the ring from every angle. They can also be seen as a romantic secret kept between you and your significant other.

Here are a few examples of some of our engagement rings that feature surprise diamonds on either side (but cannot be seen when looking from the top):

10937716_10203419965714842_2033890817_n 10912817_10203419920313707_1597239270_n

There's also the peekaboo surprise diamond that can be found in these settings:

10866789_10203419960314707_1787798255_n beaudry-couture-diamond-engagement-ring-heart-jck-2012

At Long's, we have some surprise diamond engagement rings and peekaboo diamond settings. Or, we can easily create a custom piece with these diamonds! Just book an appointment with an engagement ring specialist or visit one of our five retail locations.

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