When To Consider Taking Off Diamond Engagement Rings

Author Lynelle Schmidt
Date Feb 15, 2021

Engagement rings are designed to work for you no matter what your lifestyle may be. And having a quality ring means that you often don't have to worry about taking it off.

However, there are a few situations in life that pose a threat to the safety and protection of your ring. It goes without saying that engagement rings are a big, important investment, so in order to keep your ring in great shape, you'll want to make sure you are taking every precaution. To do this, you should take these life scenarios into consideration where it may be wise to take it off (just to be safe).

Read these list of scenarios and think twice about leaving your engagement right on:

1) The Shower

Don't worry, it's okay if your engagement ring gets wet. However, it's the soaps and shampoos used in the shower that pose the real threat. Diamonds absorb oil, including the oil that is in your hair care products, which creates a thin oily film on the diamond. As a result, this can cause the diamond in your ring to look cloudy.

Another concern with wearing your ring in the shower is the possibility of it falling down the drain. When your hands get lathered up in soap and water, it's more likely that your ring will accidentally slide off your finger. Plumbers get calls all the time asking them to fish engagement rings out of shower drains, and you may not be so lucky to find it in there even with a professional's help.

If you do take your ring off in the shower, wait until your hands are completely dry and you've done your hair before putting the ring back on your finger.

2) The Gym

It is actually very common to see women at the gym wearing their engagement rings. This is because most of the time it is a low risk situation, and your ring will most likely be protected.

However, there are a few risks involved with the gym that could lead to a broken ring. Depending on how vigorous your workout is, your ring could potentially slip off your finger and become damaged. Any type of aerobic workout class is a good example of when this could happen. The stone can also be crushed by heavy weights if they are not handled properly.

We often recommend that women who do weight training or vigorous exercise at the gym bring a simple silver chain with them. That way, they can put the ring on it and know exactly where it is at all times without worrying about damages.

3) In Bed

Our bodies tend to swell overnight because we retain water, and we've had a few of our customers tell us that their engagement rings feel uncomfortably tight in the morning after they wake up. This swelling could even cause your ring to bruise your finger or get stuck on your finger if you leave it on overnight. If this happens to you, you should consider taking off your ring at night and putting it somewhere safe while you sleep.

Or, if you care about your bedding, your ring could actually scratch your sheets. It's easy for engagement ring settings to get caught on your bedding and the sheets can easily rip. And, not only could you potentially scratch your sheets, you could also scratch your partner! Especially rings that have raised settings, there is a risk that you could hurt the person sleeping next to you (ouch).

4) Doing Dishes

Haven't we all seen a TV show or heard a real-life story of someone's engagement ring falling down the drain when they go to wash dishes? It's so common, yet so many women still do it.

Whenever there is soap and water involved, your ring could slip off your finger. Also, as with the oil in shampoos and conditioners, your diamond may end up looking cloudy from the oil used in the dish soap.

Consider keeping a ring holder right next to your sink to remind you to take off your ring so that you have it in a safe spot.

5) The Nail Salon

This one might surprise you but the nail salon is actually one of the top places women lose or damage their diamond engagement rings (Source: A Jaffe). Ironically, a lot of women take their rings off at nail salons in order to avoid damaging it with polish or chemicals only to end up leaving it there by accident.

If your ring is left on, you run the risk of exposing it to harmful chemicals that are used at many salons. There is also the potential for polish to get on the ring or any other products used at the salon. Save yourself from forgetting the ring there or damaging it in the process by opting to leave your ring at home instead.

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