7 Things He NEEDS To Know Before Buying Your Engagement Ring

Author Lynelle Schmidt
Date Feb 15, 2021

7 Things He NEEDS To Know Before Buying Your Engagement RingGetting engaged is such an exciting time in anyone's life. There's the hidden surprise of the proposal and the mystery of which ring he handpicked for you.

Before the engagement, finding the perfect diamond ring isn't always the most romantic experience. There is a lot to know, research, and discover which can put a ton of pressure on him.

But if he better understands what you want, then that knowledge can help make it a happy, relaxed process.

Sometimes he needs a little push to get the information that will lead to you getting your dream ring. As he starts to think about buying the ring, there are a few things that we would recommend he learns. He'll feel more confident, and you'll get the ring you've always wanted.

Here are the 7 things we think he absolutely needs to know before buying your engagement ring:

1. The style of ring you like

It's imimagesportant to understand that diamond engagement rings are made up of two parts. The first is the ring's setting, or the design of the ring including the band, and the second is the diamond that will be placed within the setting.

Many women love to choose the style of their ring, or a few styles for him to choose from, and then let him take care of the rest. The setting of the ring really dictates how it will look in the end. But, the diamond will also play a huge role in how the ring ultimately sparkles and shines.

It's up to you if you want to tell him about the exact style of ring you are looking for. You can point him in the right direction or you can make sure that he knows about all the different types of settings so that he feels confident walking into a jewelry store.

So what are the different styles of rings? Explore "What's Her Style" to see some of the major ring categories.

2. The diamond cut and shape you prefer

The other huge decision is the shape of the diamond. Diamonds can be be round, square, oval, rectangular and many other shapes. A round diamond is the most popular shape, because it is perfectly symmetrical and optimized to reflect light in the best possible way. However, other shapes such as princess, emerald, cushion, oval and radiant are beautiful too.

Each diamond's cut and shape will play with light in a different way and reflect it back to your eye in its own unique way. They can make the ring unique to you and one-of-a-kind.

This chart illustrates some alternatives to the classic round diamond:


3. Which of the "Four Cs" are most important to you

Now we can talk about the size and other characteristics of the diamond you'd prefer. Because diamonds are mined from the ground, every single stone is different. And it will be impossible to tell what a certain diamond looks like until it is seen in person. He will want to have an idea of what he is looking for in a diamond by starting with the basics.

The "Four Cs" measure the carat weight, cut, clarity and color of a diamond. These four factors play a significant role in the price and quality of the diamond he purchases.

Carat weight measures the size of the diamond and it helps if you have a general idea what size would make you happy. Perhaps you prefer a diamond that is under one carat in size to be understated or maybe you've always dreamed of a 2 carat stone?

Cut refers to how the diamond is shaped in order to reflect light back to your eye. In our opinion, cut is the single most important factor and it has the biggest visual impact on the brilliance of the stone. Color measures how white the stone is and clarity measures the amount and placement of imperfections within the stone.

If you have a certain color in mind, you might want to share that with him. Maybe you really hate the look of even a slightly yellow diamond or maybe you just want the biggest carat stone no matter the color. There are, however, clever ways to make a smaller carat diamond look larger. And, lower clarity diamonds can still look fantastic if they are an eye clean diamond.

Decide which of these factors is most important to you when he goes to choose the diamond.

4. His budget and your expectations

Budgeting for an engagement ring can be a tricky thing. An engagement ring is often one of the biggest purchases of any person's life. He'll want to have a good idea of his budget and how much he is willing to spend before walking into a store. Don't know where to start? Here are some of our recommendations and considerations when it comes to determining your ring budget.

If you are on the same page about the budget, it'll give you a better idea of the diamond and setting you can get within that range. Or, you can recommend ways to stretch your budget to get the best ring possible.

5. Which metal is the best choice for your ring

Most engagement rings are made from platinum, white gold or yellow gold. The different metals have their own relative pros and cons that both you and him should be aware of. To see the full list, click here.

Our recommendation when it comes to engagement ring metals always starts with platinum. That's because it is the most durable metal, it is purely white and is lasts better than any other precious metal. Other metals like white gold, however, will have a similar look to platinum but with a few different qualities. For instance, a white metal ring will eventually lose its bright white color over time and a yellow tint will begin to poke through. When this happens, you'll have to get it rhodium plated at a jeweler again. This could happen quite frequently depending on how hard on your hands you are.

Also make sure he is considering your lifestyle. If you are more active, you'll want a more durable metal like platinum.

6. Your ring size

This one is a subtle but important detail that is often forgotten about. It seems so obvious we almost forgot to include it in our list! If you want to try to keep some level of secrecy about the proposal, tell him your ring size sooner rather than later. That way, he doesn't have to ask you right before he purchases the ring.

There are a number of ways he can find out your ring size without asking, but nothing is as accurate as actually measuring your finger or asking if you know the exact size. If you don't know your ring size, go to a local jeweler or purchase an at-home ring sizer.

There's nothing less romantic than an engagement ring that is either too big or too small on your hand at the time of the proposal. You're going to want the ring to fit perfectly when he finally gets down on one ring. Make sure he's equipped with your actual ring size so nothing ruins the moment.

7. Whose opinion you trust most

Even with your guidance, it still may be good to let him know who you trust the most to choose a ring that will make you 100% happy. Maybe your mom or best friend really understands your personal style and the type of ring you want. These important people in your life could help play a large role in the final ring that you end up getting.

Think long and hard about whose opinion you really trust the most when it comes time for him to make the purchase. He may want all the help he can get, except yours, to keep the surprise and to make sure you're going to love it.

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