Is It Safe To Wear Your Engagement Ring To The Gym?

Author Jen Whitley
Date Feb 15, 2021

Is It Safe To Wear My Engagement Ring To The Gym?

Are you a gym fanatic? Recently engaged? Then I'm sure that at some point you've wondered about wearing your engagement ring to the gym. Your beautiful, new ring is a work of art and the last thing you want is to damage it.

Will lifting weights damage your diamonds? Should you find an alternative way to wear your ring? The questions are endless when it comes to whether or not you should wear your diamond ring when breaking a sweat. Let's find out how to put your mind at ease and find a way for you to work out AND keep your diamond safe.

There are many factors to take into consideration when you decide if it's safe to wear your engagement ring when working out, but there are three main things to think about when you decide if you want to wear your ring to the gym.

1. What Is Your Workout Regimen?

The most important thing to take into consideration is your workout regimen. If you are boxing, keeping your ring on probably isn't the best idea. This is not only to avoid damaging your actual ring (dents, scratches, loosening prongs, etc.), but it also could harm your opponent and even yourself! The ring itself could actually shift and scratch your fingers or your opponents body! Wearing your diamond ring in high contact activities such as boxing is definitely a no go.

If you are an avid yogi or pilates goer, wearing your ring is not as dangerous. Because these activities are not high impact, wearing your ring isn't as big of a risk. With these activities, you won't necessarily have to worry about injuring yourself or enduring damage to your ring.

Let's say you like lifting weights. Well let's take a second to think about your ring being up against a 30lb dumbbell. The direct pressure of the weight to the ring could cause issues. Lifting weights could possibly damage the metal or the gemstones in your ring . Would you want a 30lb dumbbell coming into contact with your gorgeous stone? This is risky! Like we said, direct impact or strong pressure could cause your band to scratch, dent, or even loosen a prong. This could result in a loose diamond.

2. Are There Alternative Ways To Wear Your Ring?

People have gotten extremely creative with this one. From hanging your ring around a chain necklace, to even a bracelet, there are alternate ways to wear your engagement ring at the gym. BUT, this might not work for everyone.

Let's take back into consideration what type of workout you're doing. Maybe you're a runner. Imagine running on a treadmill with your engagement ring around your neck. Hanging from a chain, your ring is going to start to bounce up and down as you run. A bouncing ring against your chest, neck, or even face? This can be uncomfortable and you risk scratching yourself. This isn't the best solution. But if you are lifting weights and are not running or doing other sorts of cardio, maybe this solution will work for you!

3. Are You Willing To Take It Off?

Maybe you still aren't sure if your workout regimen will cause damage to your ring. Well are you willing to take it off? It may not be worth the risk of damaging your band or even loosening a prong. If you are really nervous about it, it may be better to take it off to put your mind at ease. Better safe than sorry, right? There are some ways to safely wear your engagement ring to the gym, but is it worth the risk? At the end of the day, it comes down to your own personal decision.

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