What Your Diamond's Shape Says About Your Personality

Author Sue Davidson, G.G.
Date Feb 15, 2021

13610956654_bb6b8191d2What if we told you that a diamond's shape can tell us a lot about a person's personality? Well, you probably would be pretty hesitant to believe us at first.

But, you may be surprised by some of the common personality traits that we've been able identify in our customers who have the same diamond shape in their engagement rings. Personal jewelry choices can tell a lot about a person, and engagement rings are no different.

So, let's see what your diamond shape says about your personality. Let us know if we got it right!

Round Brilliant Cut

Let’s start with the classic round brilliant cut. This shape is chosen for its clean lines, symmetry and light performance. Woman who prefer this shape are honest, faithful and somewhat conservative. She is drawn to traditional romance understanding that there is a balance to everything in life.

Princess Cut

Choosing a princess cut (square modified brilliant cut) is synonymous with a strong and self-assured personality and someone who will not back away from the spotlight. She brings a noticeable passion to everything she does. She will act as a leader and has no fear of taking risks.

Cushion Cut

The cushion cut diamond has gained popularity in the last few years. If she is attracted to this shape, she considers herself a strong contemporary woman to the world while being equally romantic and traditionally strong in her personal relationships.

Oval Shape

Woman who prefer the oval shape are fairly traditional. They like how the oval shape makes them unique, but it isn't too different than her mother's and the other engagement rings in her family. They are dependable and for the most part predictable, but do like to experience life “out of the box” every now and then.

Pear or Teardrop Shape

One who wears the pear or teardrop shape, where one side is round and the other tapers to a point, can be described as traditional with a twist. They are different than the oval diamond shape wearer who is happy just attending the party. The pear shape personality is more interested in hosting the party.

Marquise Cut

The marquise cut visually is one of the largest looking shapes for the carat weight. A woman attracted to this shape is very goal oriented and status is important to her. Making a grand entrance and a memorable first impression is what she strives for.

Emerald or Asscher Cut

The emerald (rectangular step cut) or ascher cut (square step cut) wearers are women who have a very good sense of who they are and don’t need others approval for the choices they make in life. These two cuts are attractive because they illustrate a regal temperament and quiet elegance.

Heart Shape

The heart shape diamond symbolizes romanticism. So much so, that the wearer can get herself into trouble after the honeymoon when daily life takes over. She is always seeking that pure, magical and perfect love in the story books.

Radiant Cut

Lastly, we have the radiant cut. This diamond is rectangular with cut corners in shape with the faceting similar to the princess cut. Radiant cuts can be more challenging to find than the other diamond shapes. The woman who is attracted to this “off the beaten path” shape is not afraid of taking chances, has lots of energy and lives life to the fullest.

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