9 Unique Ways To Hide Diamond Engagement Rings

Author Lynelle Schmidt
Date Feb 15, 2021

Popping the question is a big moment in your life. You want it to be perfect, and one of the easiest ways to make the experience as smooth as possible is to invest in a case for the engagement ring for protection and so you don't ruin the surprise. Trust me, the last thing you want is to be fumbling around in your pocket for the ring during the moment.

But, this case doesn't have to be the standard ring box. There are so many other options out there so you can have a little fun with it! You can even use some of these unique ring carrying cases as part of the proposal.

So get those diamond engagement rings ready. Here are 9 unique and fun ways to hide the ring:

1. In a shell

9 Fun Ways To Hide Diamond Engagement Rings
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You can actually get a case for an engagement ring that is made out of a seashell. This is a perfect way to hide a ring, and you can seamlessly incorporate it into a beach proposal without giving away the surprise (just make sure to remember which one is the one with the ring!). Think about it, you could pick up the shell and give it to her to look at. And then you subtly ask her to check what is in the shell... See where we are going with this?

2. In a creative box

9 Fun Ways To Hide Diamond Engagement Rings
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This is a great alternative for a regular ring box that is a little more playful and less obvious. There are many different examples of fun boxes that you can find all over the internet, so why not be a little more creative with the place that you store the engagement right before the proposal? The box can become a keepsake and a memory box to remember the moment.

3. In a hallowed out book

9 Fun Ways To Hide Diamond Engagement Rings
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This is a really creative and fun way to hide a ring for a woman who loves to read. Hand her a brand new book as a present, and tell her to read the "inscription" inside so that she will immediately see the ring. You can even go as far as to hollow out her favorite book as a surprise (although you'll want it to be a copy specifically for this reason).

Another idea is to actually buy a small notebook (like the picture above), that does have real pages where you can write messages.

4. In a fortune cookie


Yes, we all know that you can propose by putting the ring in some sort of food. And I'm sure you've envisioned the moment being a bit nerve-wrecking as you make sure that she doesn't actually eat the food. But, the great thing about fortune cookies is that everyone breaks them open first before ingesting. And, there is some fantastic symbolism involved when you crack open what is supposed to be a fortune to then find a symbol of your future love story. While we don't always recommend the food option as the way to go, this really is a unique and safe way to propose.

5. In a tree box

9 Fun Ways To Hide Diamond Engagement Rings
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Similar to the shell box, this tree box can be used in a variety of ways as part of the actual proposal. You could hide it in your yard, in your woods, or pretend to find it on a hike. You can have a lot of fun with this fake tree box that blends in perfectly with nature. This is a great option if you both enjoy spending some times outdoors together.

6. In a picture frame

9 Fun Ways To Hide Diamond Engagement Rings
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A really unique and creative way to hide an engagement ring is to put it in a frame behind a picture. This would make for a great surprise if you were to give your girlfriend the frame with a picture inside. She may notice that there is something just a little off about the consistency of the frame, which gives you the opportunity to let her find the ring on her own. It's a great way to change up a more traditional proposal.

7. In a locket

9 Fun Ways To Hide Diamond Engagement Rings
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You can hide an engagement ring in a locket that you can present to her as a gift. A locket is meaningful and can contain a message (like the one above) or a sentimental picture. When you ask her to open the locket, she'll find a well-hidden surprise ring that'll set up your proposal perfectly.

8. In flowers

9 Fun Ways To Hide Diamond Engagement Rings

The last thing she would expect to find in the flowers you give her is a diamond ring! Pop the question by surprising her with flowers and asking her to take a closer look in the bouquet. This is a very sweet, simple way to hide the ring and propose with a beautiful arrangement of her favorite flowers.

9. In a secret box

9 Fun Ways To Hide Diamond Engagement Rings
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One of the coolest and most popular inventions for hiding engagement rings was introduced by designer Andrew Zo just a few months ago. And the demand for these unique boxes has been off the charts. The case is extremely slim and can easily fit in a wallet or pocket so it hides a ring without notice. When it opens, the ring spins and appears as if it's a flower blooming. It makes for a very elegant proposal without having to fumble around to try to find the ring.

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