3 Insider Secrets To Help Keep Your Engagement Ring Sparkly

Author Sam Hussey
Date Apr 23, 2021

There is nothing quite like that feeling you have when your S.O. slides your dream ring onto your finger after you say "yes!" The first few weeks (or months) you’ll probably spend more time staring at the ring than your fiancé. Mesmerized by the sparkle and shine, you immediately start on your mission of snapping that perfect #EngagementRingSelfie for Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat,etc. showing off your new bling to friends, family... let's be honest anyone and everyone.

Naturally you want your ring looking its best, so while you may start off cleaning your ring once, twice, even three times daily, as you (quickly) get used to wearing it, the importance of having it cleaned to perfection will fade. Promptly replaced by wedding planning research, to-do lists, etc. with the hours you're spending on The Knot and Style Me Pretty, how do you even have time to think about cleaning your ring? However, if you don't maintain it, you'll quickly notice your once-sparkling diamond starting to get duller.

How can you make sure your engagement ring doesn’t lose its sparkle? Luckily it's not that hard! Here are 3 easy ways to make sure your diamond ring never loses its sparkle and shine.

1) Don't Touch The Diamonds

Insider Secrets To Keeping Your Diamond Sparkling Don't Touch The Diamonds vs. Insider Secrets To Keeping Your Diamond Sparkling Don't Touch The Diamonds

You would be amazed at how much impact the slightest film can have on the sparkle and color of your stone. Film from lotions, powders, makeup, soap, hairspray, and all of your everyday essentials builds up overtime actually dulling the sparkle and shine of your diamond. This is essentially unavoidable, which is why cleaning your ring regularly is so important; however, there is something you can do to prevent/minimize the greasy buildup on from dulling your sparkly stone.

Often times women will touch the stones on her ring when taking it on and off. Try your hardest not to do this. Instead, get into the habit of grasping the metal portion that encircles the finger (the ring's shank) or the band when taking your rings on and off. Doing this instead of touching the stone will prevent greasy buildup on stones surface which GREATLY reduces the brilliance and sparkle of the stone.

2) Clean Your Ring At Home (Weekly)

Insider Secrets To Keeping Your Diamond Sparkling Clean Your Ring At Home

Many people don't realize how easy cleaning their engagement ring is - in fact, you can easily clean it at home! All you need is 10 minutes and some common household items: (1) water, (2) a liquid soap dish, (3) a small bowl, (4) a toothbrush (or eyebrow brush), and (5) a paper towel or soft cloths. Then just follow these 4 simple steps.

How often should you clean it? That's really up to you and how important keeping your bling beautiful and brilliant is to you. As a general rule, you should try to do this at least one a week. The good thing is cleaning your ring could not be any easier. Who doesn't have 10 minutes to spare on their favorite accessory?

3) Have Your Ring Professionally Cleaned

To keep your diamond sparkling at its best, definitely don't hesitate to take your engagement ring to your local jeweler for a steam cleaning regularly! You can do this periodically and if it's gotten really bad, a deeper cleaning with ultrasonic and polishing equipment. Not only will this enhance your diamonds sparkle, but it's the perfect opportunity for a maintenance check as well. When you go in for your ring cleaning, an expert can take a look for any damages and get them repaired for you.

Just like our regular visits to the doctors and our cars routine maintenance check ups, your ring will benefit from a professional check-up regularly as well. Many jewelers, like Long's, allow you to come get your rings cleaned at any point and will automatically perform a maintenance check prior to cleaning. At this time we can also let you know if any repairs are needed.

This general engagement ring maintenance tip is often overlooked by brides, but not only will semi-annual professional cleaning keep your diamond sparkling, it will prevent other damages from occurring!

How long has it been since you've had your engagement ring checked? Visit any of our five New England locations today to get that sparkle and shine back in your diamond!


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