11 Blogs You Should Read Before Buying Your Wedding Bands

Author Veronica Rose
Date Jun 18, 2021

Just engaged and wondering where to start? Our blogs are a great resource on all things engagement and wedding ring related but there are so many out there. This is why we decided to make your lives easier by rounding up our top 11 most popular blogs related to all things wedding bands. 


1. What You Need To Know About Choosing Wedding Ring Metals

Before you make the decision to splurge on your ring, here is a breakdown of all wedding ring metals and their relative pros and cons.




2. 5 Things To Know Before Buying Black Wedding Rings

Make sure you know all the pros and cons of buying black wedding rings so you aren't surprised!





3. What Is The Average Price Of A Wedding Band?

Everything you need to know about how much room in your budget to leave for wedding bands.





4. 13 Traditional & Unique Wedding Band Engraving Ideas

Find 13 ideas to get the perfect engraving on your wedding bands!





5. How Much Should You Spend On Your Wedding Bands?

What makes the price for wedding bands vary so drastically? Find out now!





6. The Pros & Cons of Black Wedding Bands

If you're considering black wedding bands, make sure you read through this list and really consider if it's the right decision for you.




7. Wedding Band Metals - To Mix or To Match Your Engagement Ring?

Consider these 3 things before deciding if you should mix or match the metal of your wedding band to your engagement ring.




8. [Quick Tip] The Best Way To Clean Your Wedding Band At Home

Make your wedding band look shiny & new again with this easy 2 step way of cleaning your rings at home!




9. Top 5 Wedding Ring Styles in Boston

Boston's brides and grooms have impeccable taste when it comes to wedding rings and we are here for it. Here's what's trending in the Hub of Massachusetts.




10. 14 Men's Wedding Rings To Match His Style & Personality

Before committing to the ring you'll wear forever, find out our top men's wedding ring picks for your personality and lifestyle!




11. Our Top 5 Favorite Wedding Bands for Women

When you go to choose your wedding band, you'll quickly realize that there are A LOT of options. Here are 5 wedding bands that should feel happy and confident buying.




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