Our Top 5 Favorite Wedding Bands for Women

Author Lynelle Schmidt
Date Apr 16, 2021

When you go to choose your wedding band, you'll quickly realize that there are A LOT of options. You can go with a band that matches your engagement ring or go with a band that doesn't match at all for some extra personality or texture. Your band can sit flush up against the engagement ring or it can be it's own entity. You can go for a more colorful look with gemstones or get a traditional diamond band. You can even mix and match metals with your engagement ring for some extra flair.

The possibilities are truly endless! Today, there is no "right" or "wrong" band that goes with a certain ring. It's all about your taste and how unique and special you want the band to look next to your beautiful engagement ring.

To get you started thinking about wedding bands and which one might be the right choice for you, we've compiled a list of what we consider to be the best women's wedding bands out there. Here are 5 wedding bands that you should feel happy and confident buying:

1. Eternity Band

Featured Eternity Band: Platinum Purity Diamond Eternity Band by Memoire

You can really never go wrong with an Eternity band. They make for great wedding bands for women because they feature a complete ring of diamonds all the way around the band that can match or complement your engagement ring. Paired well with the engagement ring, an eternity band completes the set and adds some extra sparkle on your finger.

Eternity bands are often made up of a line of identical stones (usually diamonds) and often have a shared prong setting, where a single prong is holding two stones in place.

Buying an eternity band is also symbolic of the journey you are about to embark on as a couple. The endless string of diamonds symbolizes eternal love, which is a great reminder to wear on your finger daily.

2. Channel Set


Featured Channel Set Band: Platinum Channel Set Diamond Band by Long's Signature Collection

A channel set wedding band is one where the metal of the band holds the diamonds in place, sort of like a canal or "channel." There is a groove carved out of the band's metal where the diamonds are mounted, often leaving holes below the diamonds so that light could come through if the diamonds are not perfectly square.

You would not find any sort of prong in this style of wedding band which makes for a very clean look. There is more visibility of the stones in the band with a channel set band. Also, these tend to be very durable rings since the diamonds are fully protected by the channel and are less likely to chip or crack.

This type of wedding band has been popular for years. So, there's a good chance that it will not go out of style any time soon!

3. Bead Set

Featured Bead Set Band: 18K Yellow Gold Bead Set Diamond Band by Silvie

A bead set wedding band is similar in style to a channel set band, with the major difference being that the bead set has small prongs to hold the diamonds in place.

Beat set bands have a slightly different look than the more classic channel set. They pair well with vintage or vintage-inspired engagement rings because the backdrop of the band often appears darker. The diamonds are also more exposed with bead set styles and have a minimal amount of metal blocking the view to the diamonds.

4. Pavé


Featured Pave Band: Platinum Pavé Silk Diamond Three Quarter Round Band by Memoire

Diamonds, diamonds and more diamonds! These wedding bands are great if you love extra sparkle to the max. Pavé set diamond wedding bands are some of our favorite, because they feature two or more rows of diamonds that appear to "pave" the surface of the ring. These diamonds are set with small points of metal that help to create the paved effect.

Often the surface will appear smooth and if you ran your finger across it, it would feel like one diamond as opposed to many separate diamonds in prongs.

The cluster of diamonds and the way they are positioned in pavé wedding bands adds a unique sparkle to the ring and will definitely brighten up your wedding ring set!

5. Prong Set


Featured Prong Set Band: Platinum Prong Set Diamond Band by Precision Set

Last but not least, our fifth best women's wedding band is the straight prong set band. In this style, the prongs hold each diamond individually and are arranged in a straight line.

This is a fairly classic and straightforward style of wedding band, but for a good reason. It pairs well with many styles of engagement rings because it looks great no matter what and creates a nice added sparkle!


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