The Pros & Cons of Black Wedding Bands

Author Lynelle Schmidt
Date Feb 15, 2021

Black Wedding RingBlack wedding bands are the new fad these days for men. There's something about the unique look and feel of black rings that attracts people to this new ring metal. If nothing else, people are just curious about what this metal is all about. Most men still opt for wedding bands made out of traditional metals, like gold or platinum, but black wedding bands have people straying from traditional a bit.

So what is this metal really about and why has it only recently become popular? Well, as much as we also love the look of black wedding rings, there are some major drawbacks. Some men don't mind the drawbacks, but we always make sure people know the pros and the cons of buying black rings before making a final purchase.

If you're considering this style, make sure you read through this list and really consider if a black wedding ring is the right decision for you:


1. Some black metals resist scratches

One of the best parts about black wedding rings, made out of metals like tungsten, is that they will never bend or scratch. Traditional wedding ring metals, like gold or platinum, will scratch. But, tungsten will stay polished forever even if you were to try to file it down. It'll always look as good on your finger as the day you got married. Tungsten carbide is actually the most scratch resistant metal known to man. That's why a lot of men who work with their hands all day love this metal.

Black rings will always retain their shape. You could bang your hand pretty hard against a hard surface and still know that your ring will stay circular. Additionally, black rings are also resistant to corrosion and tarnish, and they do not require rhodium plating the same way that white gold rings would.

2. Black wedding bands are hypoallergenic

If you allergic to any metals or if you develop any allergies to metals in the future, you'll be completely fine wearing a black wedding ring. Black rings are hypoallergenic the same way that platinum is. If you typically have allergic reactions to gold jewelry, for example, you would be able to wear a tungsten ring without having to worry.

3. Black wedding bands are on-trend right now

Just a few years ago, no one even thought to purchase a black wedding band. More traditional wedding ring metals like gold or platinum ruled the wedding band market for decades (and still do). It wasn't until the last few years that black wedding rings started to become popular.

Black wedding rings are perfectly on-trend right now. Their dark, edgy appearance is highly sought after compared to more traditional lighter metals. Black wedding bands offer a more unique look, something completely different than the bands most people will be wearing. Black wedding bands are a good way to stray from tradition if you consider yourself a more modern, unique individual.

Because black wedding bands are perfectly on-trend right now, they have been a very popular choice in the past few years. During our most recent Wedding Band Weekend event, black wedding rings were requested much more often than in the past. Although most people chose gold or platinum, many guests just wanted to see a black wedding ring in person for themselves.

4. Typically, black wedding bands are affordable

Compared to more traditional metals like gold or platinum, black wedding rings are often a more affordable option. Their reasonable prices are a reason many people are initially attracted to them. They often cost less than gold or platinum but more than titanium or stainless steel bands. Therefore, they are a great middle-of-the-road price option.

But, as you're about to find out, black wedding bands cannot be re-sized in the future. If you were to ever need a new ring size at any point in the future, you would need to buy a completely new ring. This is something to think about when considering price.


1. Most black wedding bands cannot be re-sized in the future

This is one of the biggest points that we always try to emphasize to people interested in purchasing black wedding bands, because many people don't realize this at first. Black wedding bands cannot actually be re-sized in the future like other more traditional metals such as platinum or gold. Tungsten rings cannot be re-sized at all, while carbon fiber is often impossible to adjust as well.

At first you may be thinking, well that doesn't really make a difference. However, many of us will change sizes in some way throughout the years. Life happens, and it's not uncommon for people to come back at least once to get their rings re-sized. If you purchase a black wedding band, you couldn't re-size it in the future. You would have to buy a completely new ring.

So, not only would you have to pay for a new ring, you would also have to settle for a ring that wasn't the one you originally got married in. The symbolic nature of your original wedding ring would be lost with the newer ring. Some people don't care too much about this, but we always make sure people consider this before going forward with a black wedding band.

2. Black wedding bands are not traditional styles and may not be as timeless as other metals

Another consideration with black wedding rings is their longevity. Because black rings are a popular trend right now doesn't necessarily mean that they won't be a fad. Other more popular wedding ring metals like yellow gold, white gold or platinum have already stood the test of time and have not gone out of fashion. Buying a black wedding ring may mean that you are buying a ring that could potentially go out of fashion down the road.

You need to really think, could you see yourself wearing the black wedding band for the rest of your life? Because black wedding rings are so newly popular, we don't know for sure if this style will be popular in the future.

3. Black rings cannot be repaired if broken

Black rings have a really great, edgy look to them. But similar to how you can't re-size the band if you were to ever change ring sizes in any way, you cannot get your original wedding ring repaired if it ever breaks.

Even with black wedding bands being made out of some strong, durable materials, it's still possible that the band could crack or chip. It might be more difficult than more traditional wedding ring metals, but we've seen it happen before. If anything were to ever happen to your black ring, there is nothing that a jeweler can do to fix or repair it back to its original condition. You would need to completely replace the ring. Again, you'll want to consider how important it is to you to always wear the ring that you originally were married with.

4. Black wedding rings need to be smashed off your finger during emergencies

It's hard to imagine an emergency situation where you'd need to take your wedding ring off, but it does happen. In case of medical emergencies where all jewelry would need to be taken off of your body, you would never want to worry about your wedding ring. If your hand were to swell, medical professionals would have to literally smash the ring off of your finger. A very scary thought!

5. Black wedding bands are made of heavy metals that might be distracting

Black rings are often made from metals like tungsten and carbon fiber, which make the rings very heavy. If you aren't used to wearing a ring all the time, this could be distracting, especially at first. It'll feel strange and foreign on your finger. Metals like gold will be a lot lighter, and you wouldn't even notice that you were wearing a ring on your finger.

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