14 Men's Wedding Rings To Match His Style & Personality

Author Lynelle Schmidt
Date Feb 15, 2021

14 Men's Wedding Rings To Match His Style & Personality

A wedding ring is the only piece of jewelry a man will wear every single day for the rest of his life. So why not choose something that'll completely complement your style and personality? After all, you'll have to live with your ring decision..forever!

We're here to bring you some of our top suggestions for wedding rings to expertly match your personality and style. Plus see some of our top picks for every type of guy...

For the classic guy

Are you more of a tshirt and jeans sort of guy? Don't care too much for fashion or the latest trends? Then you'll want to consider going for a more classic men's wedding band style.

Choosing a classic platinum or gold ring without any added details is a guaranteed way to get a ring you'll be happy with forever. It'll match virtually anything and never go out of style. You can't go wrong.SIR0610.jpg PLD4011.jpg

Left: 14K Yellow Gold Wedding Band 6mm by Frederick Goldman ($775)
Right: Platinum Low Dome Wedding Band 4mm by Frederick Goldman ($985)

For the guy who likes telling a good story

If you're really looking for something out-of-the-box and interesting, look no further than designer Chris Ploof. This designer forges meteorite iron with metals, "adapting the strength and beauty of ancient sword making secrets into wearable, stainless Damascus steel."

You heard that right - some of these rings are made from meteorite iron that has been heated and shaped into incredible ring designs. Talk about a good story!

GFB04074-1 GFB04071-1.jpg

For the guy who likes something a little different than the norm

Do you enjoy doing things a little different then everyone else? Then maybe you'll want to consider a wedding band that has a few extra details to make it really feel really special.

Instead of opting for your classic wedding band style, try a band that has a few unexpected elements - like a hammered metal, coin edge or twisted design. Your ring won't look like everyone else's, and it'll feel uniquely yours.

GFB02809_720x.jpg GFB02639edit.jpg

Left: Palladium 6mm Hammered Band with Brushed Edges by Furrer Jacot ($1,680)
Right: 18K White Gold 6mm Weave Band by Furrer Jacot ($2,970)

For the active or handy guy

Do you find yourself working with your hands a lot? Do you enjoy being active? Then we strongly recommend considering a platinum wedding ring.

Platinum is going to be the best metal you can choose to protect against anything that life may throw at you. It's extremely durable and will only get stronger with time as the metal displaces and actually hardens over the years.

GFB02651edit.jpg GFB01064-DIANA.jpeg

Left: Platinum and 18K White Gold 6mm Satin Finish Band by Furrer Jacot ($2,220)
Right: Platinum 5.5mm Satin Finish Band by Diana ($2,680)

For the guy who isn't afraid to be bold

Looking for something that is the completely opposite of your classic metal wedding band? Then maybe you'll want to consider adding some color to your ring.

Popular bridal brands are now adding rings to their collections with added carbon fiber and rose gold elements to create unique designs that create a much different look. If you aren't afraid of a little color, try looking for rings with carbon fiber details and mixed metal components.

GFB04011-1.jpg DSC_5397-4.jpg
Left:18K White & Rose Gold Carbon Fiber 8mm Band by Furrer Jacot ($2,230)
Right: Palladium & Carbon Fiber 9mm Band by Furrer Jacot ($1,610)

For the guy who enjoys being the life of the party

Do you love being the center of attention? Do you enjoy standing out from the crowd? Then maybe you'll want to think outside-the-box with your ring and go for a style that features diamonds!

Who says diamonds are just for women's rings? Add in a little bling to your wedding ring so that it'll sparkle from every angle.

GDB0559-1.jpg GDB0557_531975a6-867c-47d8-ac93-39b1ebff8780.jpg
Left: Palladium 7mm Satin Finish Band with Diamonds by Ritani ($1,060)
Right: Palladium 5.5mm Sptriped Brushed Band with Diamond by Ritani ($905)

For the guy who appreciates luxury

Do you appreciate the finer things in life? If you're looking for the best of the best when it comes to men's wedding bands, look no further than designer Furrer Jacot.

Designed for high end comfort using luxurious metals, Furrer Jacot has been the gold standard for wedding rings for many years. These rings are impeccably designed and will still look great on your finger even after 30 years of marriage.

DSC_5355.jpg GFB04008.jpg

Left: Platinum & 18K White Gold 6.5mm Grooved Band with Satin Finish by Furrer Jacot ($2,690)
Right: 18K White & Rose Gold 5.5mm Plished Band with Satin Edges by Furrer Jacot ($2,120)

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