6 Reasons To Choose Platinum Rings You Never Thought Of

Author Lynelle Schmidt
Date Feb 15, 2021

Reasons to consider platinum ringsPlatinum? White gold? Palladium? Choosing a metal for an engagement or wedding ring is just as important as choosing the perfect diamond or style for the ring. It can have one of the biggest impacts on the longevity of the ring.

Do you want a ring that still looks amazing 30 years from now? Chances are, you do. And did you know that platinum is one of the only precious metals you can choose that'll still look shiny and white 30 - 50 - even 100 years down the road?

Platinum rings do carry a slightly higher price tag than other popular white metals, but there's a reason for that. You pay more for a ring that is stronger than the other metals so you won't have to maintain in the future, one that you can pass down for generations, and one you never have to worry about.

There are countless reasons that we always suggest platinum if someone is looking for a white metal. Here are some of the few lesser know reasons anyone should seriously consider this metal:

1. A platinum ring will actually stay the same color forever

It's hard to think long term when buying a ring. Everything looks so shiny and new when you are in a store. But, what about 30 years from now when your ring has experienced some normal wear and tear? How will the metal of your ring hold up?

Platinum is a naturally white metal and doesn't need any maintenance in the future to stay that same color, unlike its close competitor. White gold, which aims to mimic the look of platinum, starts to yellow over time. It requires routine maintenance to stay the same color, something you never have to worry about with platinum. Platinum would never fade or change color over time.

2. You can pass it down for generations

All precious metals eventually show wear, including platinum. However, platinum is one of the most durable precious metals you can choose for a ring because of its enduring nature, and it'll wear the best out of any precious metal.

When platinum is scratched, the metal is merely displaced and very little metal is lost. When gold is scratched, however, slivers of metal are lost, resulting in faster metal loss. Platinum will maintain its volume over time, and it develops a warm patina finish that adds character to the ring. The displacement of the metal actually works to harden the ring. The ring ends up recording a lifetime of wear and memories on its surface that would make it perfect to pass down to loved ones. With proper cleaning and/or polishing, platinum will look beautiful as it ages.

Platinum jewelry is also great for family heirlooms because platinum is so much more rare than gold. In fact, it's 30x more rare than gold! Approximately 88 tons of platinum are used to make jewelry every year compared to 2,700 tons of gold. Because of its rarity, platinum is valuable and will hold its value as the years pass.

3. It'll prevent your diamond from looking yellow

We now know that platinum is a naturally white metal. Because of its pure white color that won't change over time, you never have to worry about any unwanted color reflecting into the diamond. White gold that yellows over time and yellow gold in general will reflect some yellowish tones into a diamond. The naturally white color of platinum instead enhances the brilliance of the diamond.

4. Platinum creates the safest setting for diamonds

Because of platinum's strength and durability, choosing platinum will ensure that any diamonds on the ring will be safe. The prongs, which hold your diamonds in place, on a platinum ring are much stronger than a white or yellow gold ring. As we already know, platinum moves with force rather than breaks. Gold is much more brittle than platinum, so the chances are greater that gold prongs will break after repeated force.

5. It will never cause you to break out

Here's one of the lesser known advantages of choosing platinum: it's hypoallergenic! What does that actually mean? Well platinum is 90-95% pure metal, meaning you know the almost exact composition of the ring you are wearing. White gold, on the other hand, is much more likely to cause breakouts and allergic reactions. White gold is often alloyed with base metals, such as nickle, which may cause allergic reactions. Platinum is the perfect choice for anyone with sensitive skin of allergies because of its purity.

6. A platinum ring actually feels higher quality

This might sound like a cheesy sales pitch - but it's true! You can actually feel the difference when wearing platinum. It's one of the densest precious metals. It's actually 60% heavier than 14K gold and 40% heavier than 18K gold, and a six-inch cube of platinum even weights 165 pounds! A platinum ring will feel distinctly difference when you hold it in your hands. It just feels denser, higher quality, and more durable.

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