5 Reasons To Consider A Bezel Set Engagement Rings

Author David Millette
Date Feb 15, 2021

5 Reasons To Consider A Bezel Set Engagement Rings

If you're a hopeful bride-to-be, it's important to help your partner learn about your dream engagement ring style. Ring styles range from classic, to diamond intensive, and even a more modern approach. By getting on the same page about what style you prefer, you can give him the freedom to take things from there.

To get you started, we'll first introduce you to the bezel set engagement ring! Bezel set rings are a classic style that is making a comeback. What makes them so desirable to some women? For starters, this ring style uses metal to surround the center stone for protection, but it also offers a unique look.

Let's look at some of the top reasons women choose bezel set engagement rings so that you can get one step closer to choosing the ring style that is right for you:

1) Bezel settings are the best at protecting your stone

Even though diamonds are the hardest known material on Earth, they can still get scratched and chipped. When this happens the only way to fix a damaged diamond is by re-cutting the stone. This process can be costly, and your diamond will end up being smaller than it was before.

If you want to ensure that your valuable stone is kept as safe as possible, choosing a bezel set engagement ring is your best bet! Unlike a prong set ring, which only protects the small parts of a diamond that the prongs cover, a bezel set ring surrounds your diamond in 360 degrees of metal. This metal acts as a protective cushion from any potentially dangerous surface that could damage your diamond.

2) They are very unique

A simple bezel set ring is able to give an engagement ring a unique look without having to use accent stones or fancy designs. Of course it's possible to add these additional features to your bezel setting for an even more eye catching look, but a beautiful diamond bezel set ring is sure to do the job on its own.

Think about it, how many of your friends have bezel set rings and how many have other styles like solitaires or three-stone rings? I bet bezel settings are much rarer, which means your ring is already a conversation piece!


bezel set engagement rings


3) They give your stone a fuller appearance

If you want to give your diamond a fuller appearance, a bezel setting can help you do just that. The same metal that surrounds your diamond for protection has the added benefit of acting as a frame for your stone. Just like the way a picture frame helps a painting take up more wall space on a wall and helps it appear larger, the bezel setting adds volume to your center stone.

This is very similar to the effect that a diamond halo engagement ring has on the center stone. But, instead of spending money on all of those extra diamonds, you can put the money towards a larger center stone with a bezel setting!

4) They make your diamond the center of attention

If you have a diamond that you can't wait to show off, a bezel set engagement ring will ensure that it is getting all the attention it deserves. Because bezel set rings are unique, every curious friend will want to look at your ring and take it in fully. When they do this, their eyes will naturally fall on the metal frame that the bezel makes and the beautiful diamond that the frame protects.

If you want your diamond to be the center of attention and want a style that really puts the diamond front and center without much extra detail, then you should consider a bezel set engagement ring.

5) Bezel set rings are a classic style and are making a comeback

Some of the first jewelers discovered that mounting precious gemstones into metal was a good way to protect stones. They did this by carving out grooves in the metal fit for gemstones and then would flatten the metal on top of the stone to keep it secure and safe. In modern days, this technique is referred to as bezel setting, and shortly after its invention, it became popular around the world.

Eventually prong settings were created and people were attracted to their ability to show more of the stone. This became the dominant setting in engagement rings and bezel settings were seen as a classic or European style for rings.

Well today bezel settings are making a comeback fueled by buyers who are more informed on ring setting options. Many people are beginning to realize the added protection that a bezel setting offers and have started falling back in love with its unique yet classic look.

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