6 Unique Bezel Set Engagement Rings

Author Lynelle Schmidt
Date Feb 15, 2021

Bezel set engagement rings have become a popular choice in recent years. This style of ring features a stone that is completely surrounded by a thin, flat piece of metal on all sides. It's a very interesting and unique look compared to more popular ring styles.

Sometimes these rings are bought because of their modern and sophisticated appearance. But, they also have the added benefit of providing extra protection to the stone because the sides of the diamond are completely covered. Any chips or blemishes on the sides of the stone can also be hidden. It's a fun and practical choice for an engagement ring.

One of the best parts about bezel set engagement rings are all the different styles that look so completely different. You can really find a unique ring with a bezel set that stands out from the crowd. Here are 6 bezel set engagement rings that we found that are sure to turn heads:

18K White Gold Bella Vita Bezel Set Engagement Ring by Ritani

18K White Gold Bella Vita Bezel Set Engagement Ring by Ritani 18K White Gold Bella Vita Bezel Set Engagement Ring by Ritani

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Let's start with this unique bezel set engagement ring from Ritani. This ring features an asscher cut diamond with a hexagon shape. An asscher cut diamond features "steps" in the diamond that make it a unique stone to choose compared to the more traditional round diamond.

The bezel in this case surrounds this hexagon-shaped stone and is then surrounded by another row of smaller diamonds for even more volume and protection. The bezel combined with the look of the diamond halo give the illusion of a much larger diamond in the center. And, the whole look is complimented by diamond accents on the band that stretch down the sides. It's a classy and modern choice for an engagement ring.

Classic Halo Disc Ring by A.Jaffe


With this bezel engagement ring, there are a lot of smaller details that make it a unique choice. The bezel set stone is surrounded by a brilliant diamond halo, and the ring is ultra modern and sleek. There aren't too many other rings that will have this same look.

On the side of the ring, you'll find a second row of surprise diamonds in an non-traditional location. The thick band on this ring features even more smaller diamonds to create an amazing sparkle. Diamonds can be found all over this ring! This is a great choice for any woman who wants a big diamond look.

18K White Gold Solitaire Semi-Bezel Set Diamond Engagement Ring by Ritani


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This bezel set ring doesn't actually feature a full bezel, like most of the other rings on this list. This is an example of a "semi bezel" ring, where the metal only surrounds a portion of the diamond instead of the whole circumference of the stone. Full bezel settings surround and protect a stone, but they don't allow you to see the sides of the diamonds. However, this modern design allows for more light into the center diamond for maximum brilliance!

You'll also notice that the shining metal band tapers up to securely hold the center diamond. This is a great choice for a bezel set engagement ring that has a lot of character.

Platinum Bezel Set Round Diamond Head Engagement Ring by A.Jaffe

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A round bezel set ring may not seem as original as these other choices. But, this ring features a surprise halo of diamonds along the sides of the bezel that sets it apart from the others. The head of the ring has .22 carats of smaller diamonds so that the ring's center diamond is complimented perfectly to optimize its brilliance.

While this ring has a plain metal band along the side, it can easily be paired with a diamond band worn next to it. Pictured here, the ring is sandwiched between two diamond bands to create an interesting look that sparkles from every angle!

Three Stone Diamond and Emerald Cut Sapphire Halo Ring by Ritani


This colorful three-stone engagement ring features a one-of-a-kind design! Instead of a diamond center stone, you'll find a sapphire stone that gives the ring a completely different look and feel. This vintage-inspired piece is very similar to rings from the Art Deco period, making it a very interesting choice for a woman who isn't afraid to be bold with her jewelry.

The sapphire stone featured in this ring is emerald cut and has a large open table to showcase its blue depth. To add some sparkle and shine to the ring, the sapphire is then surrounded by a micropave diamond halo and is set alongside two bezel-set diamonds.

This geometric style ring is a very bold and unique bezel set engagement ring that is sure to impress!

Guggenheim Engagement Ring by A.Jaffe


How can you not love the name of this ring? The "Guggenheim" engagement ring, by A.Jaffe, was actually inspired by the architecture of the Guggenheim Museum in New York City. This bezel set engagement ring has three tiers that support a princess cut center stone. You will also find a beautiful row of pave diamonds on either side of the center stone.

What really sets this ring apart is the side profile. You can see how unique the ring looks with the metal appearing in steps towards the top. And, the bottom of the ring is more boxy than the traditional round shape.

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