Top 5 Most Popular Boston Engagement Rings

Author Jen Whitley
Date Feb 15, 2021


Boston is known for its classically beautiful style that creates that timeless New England look. And the top Boston engagement rings are no exception! The city's favorite rings reflect simple, refined elegance.

The top engagement rings in Boston are clean in appearance - a simple and dreamy look. While you might find over-the-top, dazzling rings in places like the West Coast, Boston women tend to go for simpler rings with high quality diamonds. Understated yet stunningly beautiful, we know good style here in Boston.

There are five particular trends that Boston is famous for. So when shopping for engagement rings, don't forget about these popular Boston styles! Check out the top five Boston engagement rings that will give you that gorgeous and classic look you are seeking:

1) Three Stone aka "The Boston Ring" Setting


This is THE Boston engagement ring. The classic three stone ring was actually created in Beantown - hence the nickname "Boston ring."You'll see this style virtually everywhere around the city. It's the perfect way to add a lot of sparkle to the ring with three substantial diamonds spreading across the ring's band.

The three diamonds in this ring represent the past, present, and future of your love story. A very romantic sentiment! A common trend with three stone rings is to incorporate an inherited stone. Maybe you have your grandma or even mom's diamond? Accent it by adding two more stones for the gorgeous, three stone look. We've even seen people take their mother's diamond, their future mother-in-law's diamond, and add a new diamond to represent the future.

2) Round Solitaire Setting


This one is a classic. Round solitaire engagement rings will never go out of style. The simple design creates an elegantly everlasting look that will never get old. Engagement rings in Boston are focused on accentuating brilliantly gorgeous diamonds. What better way to do that than with a classic round solitaire?

But hey maybe you want a little more sparkle? Well, round solitaire engagement rings can incorporate more diamonds in the band. From a pave band, to even channel set, the ability to add more diamonds and keep the solitaire style is endless! Another option is adding a detail oriented wedding band that includes more stones. This will provide a stand out look and give you that glitz you are looking for.

3) Platinum (Preferred Metal)


Platinum engagement rings come in all different styles, but this metal is known for being the strongest and most durable. You want your engagement ring to withstand normal wear and tear and always look flawless. That's why platinum engagement rings have been the top choice for Boston consumers.

Platinum is extremely durable. Choosing this metal will ensure that you diamond is as safe and secure as possible. With all of the hospitals in the area and active jobs around the city (e.g., doctors, nurses, or teachers), choosing platinum is always the best and safest option for Bostonians.

4) Channel Set (Ring Detail)


Like the three stone ring, channel set engagement rings come in all different styles. Channel set rings focus on aligning diamonds in the band and are held together by parallel metal "walls." Because of these two metal walls, the stones in the ring's band are securely held in place.

The reason people are so drawn to channel set rings is because they display the full diamonds. No prongs or beads are used to hold the diamonds in place, so you are able to see the full diamond. Channel set engagement rings are a great way to add that extra touch of glamour you might be looking for.

5) Diamond Halo Setting


Halo rings have consistently risen in popularity over the years, especially in Boston. These rings have smaller diamonds surrounding the center stone to accentuate its beauty and add some extra sparkle. Known for creating the illusion of a larger center stone, halo rings are great for giving you the appearance of a huge stone for a lower cost. 

Diamond halo rings also come in a variety of styles that will suit anyone's taste. You can add a diamond halo around almost any diamond shape including princess, pear, oval, and cushion. Want a sapphire or ruby ring? You can add some extra sparkle with a diamond halo as well!

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