3 Reasons to Buy a Platinum Engagement Ring

Author Long's Diamond Team
Date Jun 12, 2014

Gold vs Platinum RingYou have practically a world of choices when picking the right diamond engagement ring, and one of the most important parts of that process is choosing the ring’s metal content.

Gold and platinum are the most popular choices for a woman’s ring because of the tradition and the properties of each metal which allow amazing workmanship and beauty. If you desire a yellow metal, gold is absolutely the way to go but if you want a white metal, you can choose gold or platinum.

Either option is a good one but choosing platinum comes with advantages which can more than justify a slightly higher price point. Here are some of the key features of platinum to consider:

1. Platinum is much harder and more durable then gold.

That means platinum is the best way to secure and protect the diamonds in your engagement ring. We use our hands a lot as we live our everyday lives, and you will occasionally bump your ring against something hard. Platinum gives you the best chance to keep your diamond in place as well as protect any smaller accent diamonds you have in your ring.

Gold gets worn thin and worn down over time, but platinum remains strong because of its incredible hardness and durability. The cost of replacing prongs or accent diamonds can be $50 to $100 or more for each fix, so platinum tends to pay for itself over just a few years. Ask someone who has had a white gold ring for years and they’ll give you a first-hand look.

2. A platinum ring is naturally white (and stays that way), while gold is not.

Since platinum is naturally white, it will stay white forever and will never discolor. Gold is naturally yellow and only appears white when mixed with white metals then plated with rhodium. That is why white gold pieces will yellow slowly over time. If you want to keep your white gold ring looking white, you will need to get it polished and re-plated every few years which would amount to over one thousand dollars in expense over the life of the ring.

3. Nobody is allergic to platinum!

A significant percentage of people are allergic to the alloys used to create white gold, and they get a rash when they wear it. You’ll never have that problem with platinum because it is hypoallergenic.

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