What Is A Channel Set Engagement Ring?

Author David Millette
Date Feb 15, 2021

On your search for the perfect engagement ring, you have probably come across settings with small diamonds down the sides of the band. When these stones are enclosed by two walls of metal on either side, it is referred to as a channel set engagement ring.

The channel design is a unique setting compared to others like prong or pavé settings. This design consists of two tracks of metal that hold a row of stones side-by-side with no metal separating each stone. You will not find any additional prongs or metal of any kind between the stones in a channel set engagement ring.

One of the biggest advantages to the channel set style is that it is great for someone who is hard on her hands and is likely to bang the ring on a regular basis (such as a teacher or a nurse). Along with fitting the stones together snug, the channel walls protect the stones from blemishes and keeps them safely secured. This dual purpose design is great for any woman that wants secure accent stones without overly complicated metal designs.

The absence of metal prongs is one of the identifying features of channel set rings. When using round cut stones, there are triangular gaps between the tops of the stone. Take a look at some of these channel set rings:

Channel set engagement ringChannel set engagement ring

18K White Gold Channel Set Diamond Engagement Ring (left)
Four Prong Channel Set Engagement Ring (right)

Although a simple design, channel set engagement rings are highly customizable. For instance, the length of the channel can be made to fit only a few stones, or wrap the entirety of your finger. Having a short channel length is a great way to save some money, while maintaining the channel set appearance when viewed from the top.

If you want to customize this design further, channels can curl or taper to add another level of complexity. These designs break away from the traditional straight lines and add some modern flair to your classic ring. This gives you more freedom when picking a design that fits your needs.

If you like the channel set design but don't want gaps between gemstones, consider a ring that is set with princess cut accent stones. This rectangular cut eliminates gaps between the stones and makes for a more continuous appearance. Below on the right, you'll find one example using princess cut diamonds:

Channel set engagement ringChannel set engagement ring

18K White Gold Three Sided Channel Set Diamond Engagement Ring
18K White Gold Solitaire Channel-Set Diamond Band Engagement Ring

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