5 Things You Need To Think About Before Buying Wedding Bands

Author Lynelle Schmidt
Date Feb 15, 2021

5 Things You Need To Think About Before Buying Your Wedding BandsBefore you are about to get married, your to-do list can become almost unmanageable. From getting your cake, to making sure your seating chart is set, you have enough on your mind.

Shopping for wedding bands with your significant other doesn't need to be another stressor in your life. Choosing your wedding bands is one of the many things that you need to check off that ever-growing list, but it is a task that should be fun!

We're here to give you 5 things to think about before you go to buy your wedding bands so you can avoid the stress and enjoy the shopping experience:

1. Metal Type

One of the very first things you should consider before buying your wedding band is the type of metal that will work for you and your significant other. Not all metals should be treated equal.

The metal chosen for wedding rings can be picked for fashion reasons or can be based on lifestyle and desired durability. Gold is the most popular choice of metal for wedding rings, and it looks very classic. There are different types of gold, such as rose gold, white gold, or yellow gold that you can choose from.

Some wedding ring metals are better suited for people who are often working with their hands, such as platinum which is the most durable, dense, and heaviest metal. Palladium can be a good alternative for a simple-designed band because it is similar in durability but often lighter. Alternative metals such as titanium look trendy and are a nice price point. However, most jewelers aren't able to work with alternative metals like titanium, so your ring cannot be repaired or resized as easily.

2. Design

Once you determine the types of metals you are interested in, you will want to start thinking of the design of the ring.

There are always more classic looking designs with no thrills. If you or your significant other prefer a more classic look that will never go out of style, then plain wedding bands may be the way to go. Here are a few rings that may work for you:

5 Things You Need To Think About Before Buying Wedding Bands

You can also opt for something a little more modern. There are many styles available today that make the wedding ring very unique, and some are really complicated works of art. You can see below some examples of more ornate rings:

5 Things You Need To Think About Before Buying Wedding Bands

In addition to choosing between a classic or modern style ring, you may also want to consider something that will give the ring more character. A great way to add a little color and personality to your wedding bands is to look for ones with colored gemstones. Sapphires are very popular, as are rubies and emeralds. Here are 10 creative examples of colored gemstone wedding bands to give you a little inspiration.

One last element to consider with the design of your wedding ring is the width. Traditionally, men's wedding bands tend to be wider while women's are thinner. However, anything goes today in the world of wedding rings. Keep in mind that thinner wedding bands may be harder to see and notice than wider bands, but make sure to decide on what makes most sense for you.

3. Budget

Weddings can be a whirlwind of expenses, and we know how easy it can be to get caught up in everything. Before you go into a store to look at wedding rings, it's important that you set a budget for your purchase to avoid overspending.

There are a few things to consider about the type of metal you choose for your ring in regards to metal type. There are a lot of reasons why platinum is a better choice than white gold, but platinum does cost a little more. Also, the more karats in a wedding band, the more gold content and the more expensive it will be. For instance, a 10k gold band will be less expensive than an 18k ring because it has a little more than half as much gold material. That's why an 18k ring is much more luxurious and traditional.

Adding diamonds to your wedding band will significantly increase the price of the ring as well. It's important that you understand what each add-on for your wedding ring will end up costing you in the end. Make sure you consider what factors are most important to you so that you can stay within whatever budget you set for yourself.

4. Do You Want Your Rings To Match?

There's something very romantic about the idea of matching your wedding ring to your partner's. It symbolizes the special connection and bond you have as a couple.

While it is a nice gesture to match your rings, you may have to give up some flexibility that comes along with choosing your wedding bands. Your options may be more limited to have matching bands, especially if you want to make sure the woman's ring is matching the engagement ring as well. Finding a band to match the diamond ring is difficult in itself, so finding a matching set that also accomplishes this same goal can prove to be difficult.

If you do want matching wedding bands but are having a tough time finding what you are looking for, you can also consider getting rings that "go together" instead of completely matching. Look for rings that look similar in metal, color, and detail.

5. Sizing

One last thing to think about before coming into a store to shop for a wedding band is to make sure that you are ready to be sized. Ordering a ring in the wrong size could result in higher costs down the road that you didn't anticipate in your budget.

To avoid this, make sure to do your ring fitting when your body is at its most normal state. There are certain factors that could seriously affect your ring size, such as extreme hot or cold or swelling (e.g., after workouts and waking up first thing in the morning). Try to avoid shopping in the morning or during some of these other more extreme conditions. The cost for paying for a ring resize is not worth trying to rush into a store when you aren't ready.

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