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Summer Style Predictions

Summer Style Predictions  Our eyes are looking ahead to summer and new trends! As the world of jewelry is always evolving with a variety of color and style, we are...

5 Jewelry Trends We're Predicting for 2022
There’s no better way to freshen up your wardrobe with some of today’s hottest jewelry trends from our top designers. Whatever your style, there’s something for everyone at Long’s!
Jewelry Tips and Trends to Prepare For Each Season
Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer all come with their own challenges, especially when it comes to styling and caring for your jewelry. Lucky for you, we have blogs on all things jewelry, for all the seasons! Read below and keep for reference every blog you need to prepare for each New England season.
4 Jewelry Looks to Wear To Any Wedding
You may not be the guest of honor but you still want to dress to impress. Whether you’re going to a glamorous and formal wedding or the bride’s planned for a much more casual occasion, we have four jewelry looks to draw inspiration from.
8 Blogs To Help You Style Your Jewelry For Any Occasion
Looking for new some style inspo? Look no further than this round up of our favorite blogs covering tips to style, accessorize and strategize with your jewelry.