Spring Trend Alert: Layering Necklaces

Author David Millette
Date Feb 15, 2021

layering necklacesYou probably have noticed fashionable people who show up to parties wearing several necklaces at one time, an amazing look. These highly accessorized ladies are pulling off a style we call "layering necklaces," and we're here to teach you how to get the look for yourself.

There are countless ways to layer necklaces and look good while doing it. With that said, you can't just throw on a few of your favorite necklaces and automatically transform into the fashionista you saw on Pinterest.

There are some un-told rules that are crucial to getting this look, but don't worry because we're here to fill you in on how its done with these 7 simple tips. So continue reading this article and soon you'll be ready to look trendy at whatever bar-b-que, cocktail party, or selfie you find yourself in this Spring:

Start with a necklace that you love and build from there

As with any other jewelry, necklaces look best when they speak to the woman they are on. When selecting necklaces to layer, it's important that you select a piece or even a few that mean something to you. This can be something such as a locket, a customized bar necklace, or any necklace that you can't live without.

Once you've selected the necklace that's important to you, you can use this as the base to plan your other pieces around. You should choose a few more necklaces that compliment this one and won't detract from its unique character.

Odd numbers work best

When it comes to layering necklaces, odd numbers work best. Having a group of 3, 5 or even 7 will give your layered look some composure with a clear understanding of beginning, middle, and end. An even number grouping can look unorganized and poorly planned.

I'll admit I have seen some even numbered groupings that looked nice, but it's more difficult to pull off. Play it safe and stick to odd numbers.

The length of your chain matters

It's very hard to throw on a group of necklaces and expect them to look good together. The length of your necklaces needs to be carefully planned out, otherwise it can really throw off the look.

If the necklaces are too similar in length, they might cover each other or get tangled up. If they are too different in length, they may look awkward and poorly grouped. We recommend that there is at least a 2 inch difference in length between each necklace to allow them to hang freely and ensure that they will all be seen.

The last necklace should be the most separate

When planning out the lengths of the necklaces you are layering, be sure to make the largest difference in chain lengths be between the last and second to last necklaces. This will allow your lowest hanging necklace to swing and catch peoples attention, while the shorter necklaces give your stack a fuller appearance.

A good analogy to keep in mind when creating your stacking necklaces is the ripples that are created when something drops into water. The ripples that are close to the center are separated by a small distance while the ripples that are far from the center are separated by a larger distance. Together, they form a beautiful fading pattern.

Consider buying an adjustable length chain

If you plan on switching up your groupings every once in a while, it might be a good idea to invest in an adjustable length chain. This will allow you to re-purpose a piece and make it work in any grouping you can think of.

We recommend this for any necklace that you want to wear at all times, such as the piece you first chose for the layering. It would be a shame to never be able to wear some of your necklaces because they were the same length as your monogrammed necklace that you never take off.

Add a delicate amulet necklace

The meaning and history behind amulet necklaces has changed over the years. The original meaning of an "amulet" is an object that is meant to protect the owner against danger or harm. Now, almost any special pendant that is wore as a necklace can be seen as an amulet necklace. Amulets can be charms that include coins, rings, animals, gems, or other symbolic colors or markings. An incredibly popular amulet is the evil eye, which many designers have more recently incorporated into their designs.

Delicate amulet necklaces are a popular trend right now and can be used to express your personality without overwhelming the stack of necklaces.

Don't over-do it

Layering necklaces is fun, and as your necklace collection grows, it can be tempting to keep adding layers. However, it's important to always know how many necklaces are appropriate for an occasion and to never over do it. This is especially important to consider when you start to incorporate necklaces that are wider than your standard chain.

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