5 Essential Blogs for Selecting and Caring For Your Jewelry

Author Veronica Rose
Date Jul 19, 2021

So you have a taste for the finer things in life, who doesn't! Maybe you're just a little unsure about how to take the very best care of it but who says you still can't have nice things? If you love jewelry as much as we do then we know you'll appreciate this round up of our top 5 jewelry tips and tricks blogs. It is a great resource for learning more about how to make the most out of your jewelry and an easy way for you to access them all in one place! Any time you have a question about all things fashion jewelry related, you can come here for your answer. Enjoy!


Sensitive Skin? 5 Tips for Choosing Jewelry That Won't Give You a Rash

If you have sensitive skin make sure to read these helpful tips for buying jewelry that won't make you break out!





Expert Tips for Matching Jewelry and Skin Tone

The same piece of jewelry can look a little different on everyone. Find out how skin tone makes a difference!





5 Essential Times To Take Off Your Jewelry

 Leaving your favorite jewelry on all day every day? Old habits die hard but to avoid causing any damage, we recommend going jewelry-free for these 5 situations in particular.




4 Tips for Summer Jewelry Care

Before you pack your beach bag, learn how to care for your jewelry this summer so it’ll stay as shiny as the day you bought it and remain an accessory that lasts through all your vacation memories!




How to Keep Your Diamond Jewelry Looking Amazing

Here are some tips from industry experts on how you can ensure that your diamond jewelry will always be stunning!





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