Four Tips for Summer Jewelry Care

Author Long's Jewelers
Date Feb 15, 2021

Summertime and the livin’s easy, right? Right --but when it comes to dressing up and accessorizing during beach vacations and extreme heat warnings, you don’t want to become too relaxed and forget to care for your jewelry during the laid back summer months.

No matter the price tag, fine or fashion jewelry is an investment and if you treat it right, it’ll be sure to outlast your tan lines and summer freckles. So, before you pack your beach bag, learn how to care for your jewelry this summer so that it’ll stay as shiny as the day you bought it and remain an accessory that lasts through all your vacation memories.

1. Think About It: Should You Really Wear That There?

DSC_7298editIf it’s your first vacation as a newly-engaged couple, don’t get too used to that ring until you can properly keep it clean and care for it on a day-to-day basis. While that new hardware is fresh on your finger, considering leaving it tucked away during a day at the beach.

Yeah, a cute photo would be great during high tide, but wait until after you’ve dusted all the sand off your body before you return to the beach for a sunset photoshoot with you and your fiancé.

It’s not worth exposing your ring to the elements while you’re trying to sit back and enjoy a relaxing vacation. A ring is like your new baby at first, and it’ll be more stressful than anything to try and protect it all day long. Plus, your ring will look so much better on a jewelry stand than the bottom of the ocean. Hey, accidents happen!

2. Pack Your Jewelry Properly

longs-jewelers-may-2016-46-1-637057-edited-309952-editedIf you’ve answered the question in tip #1 and have decided to leave your jewelry behind during a day at the beach, make sure there’s a safe place to store it whether you’re in a hotel room or shared vacation house.

At home, you have your ring’s “home away from home” when it’s not on your finger, so do the same thing during a vacation. Keep it in a place where housekeeping or other visitors won’t be able to find it, and use the original box it came in or a travel-sized jewelry box to ensure it’s protected at all times.

3. Spray Yourself Sans-Accessories

Bug spray and sunscreen are summertime necessities for your body, but not for your jewelry. Before you accessorize for the day or night, lather up with sunscreen or generously apply some sprays of bug spray to your bare body to ensure there’s no extra cream or spray getting on or around your precious pieces.

This tip is a carryover from everyday jewelry care --you already know that soaps, lotions and similar products can get into the tiny crevices of your jewelry and tarnish it over time. So, stay smart and spend just a little extra time removing your jewelry for a moment before you prepare for a day outdoors.

4. Go Easy With The Sand

The feeling of the sand between your toes might feel amazing, but for your gems and jewels, sand rubbing against it can have a negative effect on its texture and shine --almost like sandpaper itself.

So, if you’re wearing your jewelry down to the beach, keep your contact with the sand as minimal as you can. Sure, you can throw your towel down and pick up your flip-flops, but avoid activities like building a sandcastle or getting buried up to your neck by the toddler you’re traveling with. Do yourself a favor and bury your nose in a book instead.


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