5 Essential Times To Take Off Your Jewelry

Author Veronica Rose
Date Feb 15, 2021

5 Essential Times to Take of Your Jewelry
Once you find a piece of jewelry you love or a few staple pieces you wear all the time, it can be hard to part with it. You get used to wearing something every day and it’s easier to keep it on rather than taking it off and storing it. But in some situations, you might be causing some of your favorite pieces a bit of harm by leaving them on all the time. These five situations in particular are the most important to go jewelry free if you want to keep it in the same great condition you bought it in.

Swimming & Showering 

The shower, the pool, the ocean, oh my! All of these things pose different threats but they are all places you should never wear your jewelry. It might be okay if you forget to take off your jewelry in the shower once or twice, but long showers mean soaps, scrubs and oils that aren’t great for rings or any other type of jewelry as it may be damaging. Some rings also run the risk of falling off  - not just in the shower, but in any body of water. If you’re swimming in some cool water, your fingers could shrink which might make a ring more likely to slip off. Damaging chemicals in pools can also be harmful to the metals your jewelry is made out of.


For the same reasons you should avoid swimming pools with lots of chlorine, you should avoid most cleaning supplies as they are full of harsh chemicals that are bad for your jewelry! Exposing your jewelry to harsh chemicals can alter the color and not only that but a heavy day of house or yard work can put strain on your ring or mounting. You can easily bang up a ring on some rough surfaces like kitchen counters or bathroom floors, potentially damaging its setting.

Working Out
5 Essential Times to Take of Your Jewelry

When you’re breaking a sweat, you might also be getting your jewelry a bit dirty or marked up. There are metals that are stronger than others, yes (read: Platinum) but no metal is indestructible. If you're lifting weights, hanging on to handlebars, or even playing sports or hands on physical activities like tennis, basketball, volleyball, etc. you run the risk of banging your jewlery up or warping its shape. Not to mention, you may be endangering yourself in the process. You don’t want a ring to get stuck on your finger because it's been swelled up or been jammed after an accident. 


Any kind of primping or pampering with jewelry on can run the risk of damage. This means moisturizing, spraying perfume or hairspray, and putting on makeup should be a no go. Using any of these cosmetics while you still have your jewelry on can also cause a build up of dirt and grime or cause clouding of the diamonds or gemstones which is not the way to make your jewelry shine!

Going to Bed

Every one of us has accidentally slept with our jewelry on at least once - but you shouldn’t make a habit out of it! Not only can it be uncomfortable, but it could also be dangerous. Your necklaces may get wrapped up in each other and tighten around your neck while you toss and turn, your rings may loosen and tighten throughout the night as your fingers shrink and swell, and your earrings could poke into your scalp. Ouch! Best to avoid all of that and make it part of your nightly routine to take your jewelry off before bed.

One simple way to avoid wearing your jewelry in places you shouldn’t is to make sure you always have an easy way to store them. Going to the gym? Pack with you a little jewelry bag or small box to put your things in. If you’re at home and you’re getting ready to clean, take a shower or go to bed, have a jewelry box or ring dish at the ready in your bedroom or anywhere you think you might need to take off your jewelry. Picking one or two designated spots (maybe one for upstairs, one for downstairs) makes it simple and easy to store your jewelry without forgetting where you put it.

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