4 Gorgeous Vintage Engagement Rings [Just In]

Author David Millette
Date Feb 15, 2021

Looking for the perfect vintage engagement ring? There are so many unique designs out there now, but we've hand picked four beautiful vintage rings that we know you'll love.

Unlike rings that are still being produced today, once a true vintage ring is sold it's one of a kind so it is gone for good. Of course this is part of the charm in vintage engagement rings as it makes your piece rare. But, it means that sometimes you need to act fast if you find the right one!

We've selected a few of our favorite vintage engagement rings that we've recetly added to our estate collection. So give this a read and get one step closer to owning the perfect vintage engagement ring.

Three Stone Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

14K White Gold Three Stone Diamond Halo Vintage Engagement RingSOLD!

The three stone engagement ring has become one of the most popular designs in today's market. It's popularity has been fueled by the design's unique look and the symbolic meaning of the stones which represent your loves past, present, and future.

This vintage 14K white gold three stone ring is truly an amazing piece. The center stone, which represents your love's present, is a rare 2.07 carat mine cut diamond. This cut refers to any diamond that was cut at the mines they were found at, which is a practice that is no longer used today. If you like rare vintage products, having a large old mine cut diamond like this is a perfect fit!

On either side of the center stone are two half moon diamonds. These fancy cut stones are far from ordinary and are sure to impress any jewelry lover. The ring is also set with 54 full cut diamond accent stones. With all of those diamonds, this ring truly attracts the attention that the old mine cut deserves.

Art Deco Diamond and Sapphire Ring

Art Deco Platinum Diamond and Synthetic Sapphire Vintage Engagement Ring


In the world of vintage jewelry there is no era more popular than Art Deco, from 1920 to 1935 . In this short time period, artists found inspiration in the rapidly developing industrialization around them, and designed art with bold geometric designs to match the technology-filled world around them. There's just something exciting about the busy designs of Art Deco rings and their intricate geometric details that has made this era iconic and still thriving 95 years after its creation.

This specific Art Deco ring is made out of platinum and features a 1.24 carat old European cut diamond with 20 single cut diamond accent stones. Together these stones look truly beautiful. But, in my opinion, it's the sapphires that make this ring stand out.

Some may be turned off when they hear that the four fancy cut sapphires in the ring are synthetic, but this is actually a sign that the ring is genuine to the time period. During the Art Deco era, sapphires weren't available to jewelers, but the process for developing the stone in the lab had just been discovered. People considered the synthetic stones to be on the cutting edge of science and were happy to have them included in the jewelry.

Another great aspect of this ring is the intricate design carved into the ring called the filigree. During the Art Deco era, jewelers realized that platinum's strength not only kept the stone more secure, but also allowed them to cut designs into the band without having to worry about it breaking.

Yellow Gold Solitaire Diamond Ring

14K Yellow Gold Solitaire Diamond Vintage Engagement RingSOLD!

We realize that part of the charm behind vintage jewelry is knowing that you have a unique item that's personal to you. Sure, someone else may have a vintage ring, but there are so many styles from so many eras that the chances of finding someone with the same ring as you are next to nothing. Well, if you're the type of person who wants a ring with a truly unique look, you've found it.

When you see this ring, the first thing you will notice is the marquise cut center stone. At a weight of .46 carats, this stone is the perfect size for this marquise cut to sit comfortably on your finger.

To add some extra wow factor, the ring features 12 tapered cut baguette diamonds around the marquise stone. These serve to enhance the brilliance of the ring and also make the ring look more full. This is great because it allows you to have an eye-catching ring without having to mount accent stones in the 14K yellow gold band.

Diamond Three Stone Ring

14K White Gold Diamond Three Stone Vintage Engagement Ring14K White Gold Diamond Three Stone Vintage Engagement Ring 2SOLD!

In my opinion, the best rings are the ones that take a bunch of interesting features and combine them into one unique design. It makes the ring super unique and gives you a sense of connection to the piece. This three stone vintage engagement ring is the perfect example of how you can combine cool features and get a ring that is sure to impress.

The ring featured above is set with a .65 carat princess cut center stone and a .35 carat princess cut stones on either side. Together these diamonds span the top of the finger, but the diamonds don't just stop there. The shank of the ring is channel set with 12 baguette cut diamonds, which works in unison with the three princess cut stones to form a continuous half circle of diamonds over your finger.

The ring is further set with 6 round cut surprise diamonds that sit at the base of the prong settings. These add brilliance to your ring as well as attract attention to how beautiful the ring looks from the side.

If you would like to see any of these rings in person you can schedule an appointment online at any of our five locations and we will have the ring waiting for you there to try on.

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