What Are Three Stone Engagement Rings?

Author David Millette
Date Feb 15, 2021

Three stone engagement rings are perfect for women who want a beautiful ring with a lot of sparkle. These rings are one of the most stunning styles you can choose! They are durable and long-lasting and fit any diamond shape that she may desire.

True to its name, the three stone engagement rings features three diamonds on the top of the ring. Usually one large diamond is in the center of the ring with two smaller diamonds on either side. A three stone ring delivers a stunning look with three diamonds side-by-side that increase the shine and sparkle of the ring. Not to mention, it's one of our favorite ways to make a ring appear bigger for less money.

A three stone diamond engagement ring is all about symbolizing. The three stones in the ring represent the past, present, and future of your relationship. It's an incredible way to call attention to your history together, your new engagement and your bright future together.


Three stone engagement ringThree stone engagement ring

18K White Gold Three Stone Round Diamond Engagement Ring (Left): Shop here
18K White Gold Three Stone Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring (right)

Traditional three stone ring designs generally included three round brilliant cut diamonds of equal size. However, in modern designs it's popular to have a large center stone with smaller stones on either side. Round brilliant diamonds are still the most commonly used, but in recent years princess cuts (i.e., the square shaped stones) have become popular as well. You can also have a three-stone ring with other shapes like ovals or marquise (i.e., football-shaped).

One of the great things about three stone engagement rings is that they can fit into any budget. Incorporating diamond halo's or a diamond "bouquets," or clusters, are great ways to make the diamonds appear larger in the ring. Three stone rings also have the added advantage of taking up a lot more real estate on her finger, so it's easy to get smaller stones while still achieving that big diamond look.

If you want to make this ring even more personal, meet with a jeweler and ask about a custom designed ring. This will give you full creative control to add other elements such as birth stones or extra designs that have meaning to you.

Three stone engagement ringThree stone engagement ring

Platinum Endless Love 3 Stone Halo Round Brilliant Diamond Band Engagement Ring (Left)
18K White Gold Diamond Bouquet Four Prong Ring (Right)

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