5 Surprising Times You Should Take Off Your Engagement Ring

Author Jen Whitley
Date Feb 15, 2021

5 Surprising Times You Should Take Off Your Engagement Ring

Are you recently engaged and love showing off that gorgeous diamond ring? You may know all the tips and tricks for properly caring for your engagement ring, but do you really know all the times you should take your ring off?

You may consider yourself an active individual and love hitting the beach, going to the gym, and participating in tons of other fun activities. So is it really safe to wear your engagement at these times? Can you damage it doing certain activities? Will the ring ever lose its brilliance? The short answer is, depending on your lifestyle, it may not always be so safe to keep your ring on all the time.

Newly engaged women ask us about this all the time. So to help you out, we've outlined a list of the top five times you should consider taking off your engagement ring!

1) Working Out

If you are a gym junky or love attending different workout classes, I'm sure you've wondered if it's safe to wear your engagement ring while working out. It really all depends on your workout regimen.

To figure out whether it's safe to wear your engagement ring while working out, you have to take a few things into consideration. How do you workout? Are you an avid yogi or do you sweat it out by lifting weights? The thing to remember here is that if any heavy object (dumbbell or medicine ball for example) is rubbing up against your ring for an extended period of time, we suggest taking it off. This is because the band could become scratched or damaged and result in the setting loosening and not holding the diamond as securely.

If you just really want to wear your engagement ring and don't like tucking it away while you're working out, there are many alternative options to wearing your engagement ring! You can try buying a simple chain and attaching your engagement ring to wear as a necklace.

2) At The Beach Or 3) When Swimming

The answer to this question is a little more straight forward. We highly suggest not wearing your engagement ring when at the beach or in swimming in a pool, ocean, or lake. There are many reasons behind this answer, but long story short, if you are swimming in cooler water, your finger is going to "shrink." And what comes with a shrunken finger? An engagement ring that is too big! So if you do decide you really want to wear your engagement ring in one of these settings, be extremely careful. The opportunity to lose your engagement ring or having it fall off significantly rises.

Another reason you should take your engagement ring off when at the beach or pool is because of the negative effects sunscreen can have on your ring. Sunscreen can create a film on the metal band and on the diamond. If sunscreen isn't immediately cleaned off your engagement ring, it can dull the sparkle of the diamond, and who wants that?

In addition to sunscreen, if you are swimming in a chlorine pool, you need to be aware that certain metals are negatively effected by chlorine. Unless your ring is platinum, the chlorine and other chemicals from a pool can impact and potentially change the color of your gold band over time.

4) Cleaning

Whether you are simply cleaning up your home or have an occupation that involves heavy cleaning or working with chemicals, you'll definitely want to take your engagement ring off or protect it by wearing gloves. Harsh chemicals and bleach in cleaning products have the ability to damage the metal band and the diamond. This will create a layer on the stone that will block light reflection and will result in less sparkle. So what we suggest is to either securely store away your engagement ring when cleaning or wear gloves!

5) Applying Makeup or Moisturizer

Now ladies, I know this is a tough one. You have your daily morning routine that might include all your primping for the day. Maybe you apply moisturizer and then begin doing your makeup. Like sunscreen, moisturizer and liquid make up can create a dull layer on your diamond and mask the beauty of the stone. Because this is your daily routine, this "mask" will continually build up and effect the brilliance of the diamond. This layer of moisturizer or makeup can also be sticky and will result in other things adhering to your diamond, decreasing the sparkle and glow.

Do you take your engagement ring off before going to bed? If so, leave it off until you leave for the day! Get in the habit of waiting to put it on until you are fully dressed and about to take off for the day. If you forget and accidentally put your ring on while you are doing your makeup, don't sweat it! Just make sure to clean the ring and remember next time.

Some final advice about protecting your ring and keeping that gorgeous sparkle is to insure it. If you do decide to take your ring off at all of these times, it increases your risk of losing your ring. So just to be safe, we highly recommend insuring your engagement ring.

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