Should I Buy Her A Rose Gold Engagement Ring?

Author Jen Whitley
Date Feb 15, 2021

18K Rose Gold & Platinum Round Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

Rose gold engagement rings have become more and more popular throughout the years and are now overtaking the ring industry. Maybe she's been hinting towards wanting a rose gold ring, but you aren't exactly sure if it's the right choice.

Of course you want to take into consideration cost, durability, and the overall aesthetic appeal. So to help you out, we've broken down all those questions you might be thinking so you can decide whether or not a rose gold ring is for her.

History of Rose Gold

Rose gold made its first appearance in 19th century Russia. Developing the nickname "Russian Gold" because of its extremely popularity in this country, Russia is recognized as the place that established this major fashion trend.

In the early 20th century, rose gold made a grand entry when Cartier released the trinity band which contained this metal. This was the beginning of the world's fascination with rose gold. Since then, rose gold has become more and more well known, becoming a metal that is seen as unique, stylish, and fashionable.

Why People Love Rose Gold

There are so many reasons women are mesmerized by this gorgeous metal. To start, it looks great on all skin tones. No matter what color skin she has, rose gold will look incredible on her finger. The soft, feminine blush tone attracts people of all ages. That's another thing that is great about rose gold- It's a unique choice for an engagement ring, but it's also a safe bet because it will never go out of style. Rose gold has been around for hundreds of years and women of all ages love it.

Also, rose gold will make her stand out, and what woman wouldn't want that? Buying a rose gold engagement ring is out of the box, but it's very fashion forward and will be sure to make her blush.

Another reason people love rose gold is, because it looks great with just about anything. From diamonds, to fancy colored diamonds, to colored gemstones, rose gold is an extremely complementing metal and will look great paired with whatever stone you choose.

Your Questions Answered

What is rose gold exactly?

Rose gold is an alloy of primarily gold (typically 75%) and copper (typically 25%). It has a soft, blush color that makes it stand apart from other metals. Rose gold is created by mixing gold and copper together. The color of rose gold can vary based off of how much copper is in the mix. More copper, more pink. Less copper, less pink. You get it.

How durable is rose gold compared to other metals?

Okay so it's not as strong as platinum, but rose gold is indeed considered a durable metal. Stronger than yellow and white gold, rose gold's copper element makes it sustainable for everyday wear and tear. On the other hand, because rose gold does contain about 25% copper, it's not considered a hypoallergenic metal (like platinum).

Does rose gold tarnish?

Good thing about rose gold... it doesn't tarnish. Instead, it gains patina. What's patina you might be thinking? It's pretty much a coat that develops on the band of the ring that gives it a slightly darker, more vintage-esque look. This takes years and years to develop though. Most people love patina on their rings, they actually strive to get it (and yes there are artificial ways to make it look "old"). But hey, if she isn't into that look, don't worry, take it to a jeweler and they can give it a nice cleaning or polishing to get it back to how it looked when you bought it.

Is rose gold more expensive?

Rose gold can fit anyone's budget. Less expensive than platinum, rose gold varies in range but is not the most expensive metal. Get her that ring she will always love without having to spend a fortune.

Does wanting rose gold limit my choices?

Rose gold is not as common as other types of metals, so yes it does slightly narrow down the pool you have to choose from. Because rose gold has become a major trend in the ring industry, there are still tons of choices using this metal, just not as many as platinum or yellow gold. But hey, don't forget that you don't have to buy what you find in-store. If you know you want rose gold but don't see the perfect one, meet with a jeweler to talk about having a custom rose gold ring made.

Thinking rose gold might be the right choice for her? Browse online or visit a store today!

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