What To Do If You Don't Pick Out The Right Engagement Ring

Author Jen Whitley
Date Feb 15, 2021

What To Do If You Don't Pick Out The Right Engagement Ring

"What happens if I don't pick out the right engagement ring?" I'm sure this question has crossed your mind at least once over the past few months. Maybe she hasn't told you what style she wants or she's changed her mind. Or, maybe she's giving you conflicting information about what she really wants. You don't want to outright ask if you are trying to pull off the ultimate surprise proposal. We get it! We know it's sometimes hard to figure out what she's always wanted without being too obvious.

You did all your research, found her a ring you think she will love, but you may still have a few doubts. If you are worried you won't pick out the right engagement ring, don't sweat it, you have options.

Let's say you propose, she happily says yes, but decides the ring isn't the best fit for her style and taste. There are many things you can do to STILL find her the perfect ring. Check out the top three ways to still get her the ring of her dreams no matter what:

1) The Return Policy

The first and possibly most important question you should ask before buying the ring is what policies the store holds if the ring turns out to not be the right selection. Maybe the store has a 30 day return policy. If the store does have a policy that allows you to return it for something else, take her with you! Let her browse and decide what ring she likes best. This would allow you the chance to return the ring at no cost so that you and she can find the perfect ring together. There won't be any pressure and you can choose exactly what she'll want on her finger forever. And trust us, there is absolutely nothing wrong with choosing this option if she's isn't crazy about the style you originally chose.

There are other policies that stores may have, like something similar to the Get It Right Guarantee we offer here at Long's. If for any reason the ring you bought from us isn't her first choice, we would work with her after the proposal to find the ring she prefers, within your budget. We will exchange the old ring, search the world for the right diamond and do everything we can to get it right to make her happy.

Some stores may have variations of these policies, so it's definitely worth asking before you purchase the ring.

2) Trade It In

Let's say she falls head over heels for the diamonds or center stone that you hand picked for the ring, but she doesn't love the style of the ring as much. You can still keep that center stone and remount it in a different setting. This is a simple solution to get her the look of a ring she's always wanted.

For instance, maybe you chose a plain metal solitaire setting for the ring but she wanted to have some side diamonds on the band. The plain solitaire setting can be traded in for the diamond solitaire setting she really wants. Either way, she gets to keep the original diamond you proposed to her with.

Many jewelers will do this for you at a minimal cost depending on how unique the original setting was and its finger size. If it's something they can easily add back into their inventory, it might be an easy switch. If not, you may end up paying a larger upcharge.

3) Redesign It

You can also work on redesigning the original ring with a jeweler instead of trading in. Redesigning a custom ring might take more time, but it is totally worth the effort and will guarantee her the perfect ring.

There are many ways to redesign an engagement ring. Try adding a halo for an immediately larger and glamorous looking ring. Or maybe you got her a halo ring and it's a little too flashy for her taste, so try taking it away. Buy her a round solitaire and she wants a tiny bit more glitz? You can always add more stones to the band itself or even try adding colored accent diamonds.

3) Sell It

Lastly, if none of these options work, you might just have to sell it. Maybe the store you bought the ring from doesn't have a return policy. Or maybe trading in the setting isn't the best option because she wants a different diamond. In these instances, selling the ring may be your best option.

Whether you sell the entire ring to a jeweler, just sell the diamond, or even sell it online, there are ways to get some (hopefully most of your) money back. Take the money you gained from selling it and go shopping with her and pick out the perfect engagement ring.

Have more questions about finding her the perfect ring? Visit a store or make an appointment with one of Long's experts.

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