Resetting Diamond Engagement Rings

Author Lexi
Date Feb 15, 2021

Resetting Your Diamond RingResetting diamond engagement rings is an exciting way to update the style of a piece of jewelry while preserving the sentimentality and personal history.

Here are some suggestions when resetting a diamond:

Find a New Ring Style for your Diamond

There are countless styles for you to consider and your best bet is to spend time trying on different rings and seeing what catches your eye. Here are some questions that can help guide you.

  • Do you want something simple like a 3 stone ring or a bezel set style, or do you prefer something ornate with lots of diamonds?
  • Do you want a ring that is similar to your original ring or something completely different? What do you want this ring to say?
  • Do you want it to be contemporary and trendy or classic and timeless?
  • Do you want to incorporate other gemstones in the ring, such as sapphires or rubies?

Set Your Diamond into a Pendant or Another Piece of Jewelry

You can also set diamond engagement rings into something other than a ring, such as a pendant or a bracelet. It’s the perfect way to give a family heirloom new life and a great way to continue wearing something special.

Your redesign can be something simple, such as a solitaire pendant, or something very intricate such as a custom-built piece.

Trade-In for Something New

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the option of trading in your original engagement ring for something entirely new. There is a an old joke that “diamonds shrink with age” because some people find themselves longing for a bigger diamond later in life. If you trade in your engagement ring for something new, you can get the ring you desire at a reduced price.

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