How to Nail Your Engagement Announcement on Instagram

Author Taylor Rao
Date Feb 15, 2021


Step 1: Get engaged. Step 2: Tell everyone the good news!

Saying “yes” is an exciting, overwhelming experience filled with emotions, tears and most importantly, the person you love. But in the heat of the moment, many couples are eager to get the news out there ASAP and to be the ones to break it themselves.

Social media has certainly helped expedite this process (word travels fast with WiFi), but you don’t want to rush your big announcement just for the sake of a couple hundred likes and “Congratulations!” on your feed.

And since everything is so visual these days, the photo you post to your Instagram page will be what tells your online community of friends, family and followers that there’s an “I Do” coming soon.

So, before you hit “share,” read these tips on how to nail your engagement announcement on Instagram.


Set The Scene

Whether it’s your first date spot or the boardwalk at your favorite beach, the spot where he gets down on one knee typically symbolizes something significant in your relationship. Show your friends and family what that special spot is when posting your engagement announcement --it lets the ones closest to you paint the picture of your perfect moment before sending their well wishes your way.

When taking the photo or asking someone to take it for you, ask for a landscape shot with as much scenery in the background as possible --and don’t be afraid to be picky about it. AKA, get the ocean view vs. the family of four in line for the public restroom. You only have one chance to set the scene and leave with a permanent memory of where you were when it happened.


It Takes Two

While it might seem easier to just have your new fiancé snap your photo for the ‘gram, instead ask a stranger or better yet, a friend or family member if they were there for the special moment, to get a picture of the two of you.

Engagements and the wedding planning process are stereo-typically made all about the bride --so buck the trend and let the world know this engagement is way more about the couple than just the person with a ring.

💍❤️🥂 5+ years in & a lifetime to go #KenNIGROoldwithyou

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And If A Ring Selfie Is A Must...

When you’re rocking a new piece of jewelry as special as an engagement ring, it’s a no judgment zone if all you feel like doing is showing it off. Of course, the ring is a really traditional part of this whole thing, and it is the #1 question (besides, “When’s the wedding?”) people will ask about.

Plus, it’s not like you’re limited to one social media post to announce and celebrate your engagement (hello carousels). But if post #1 is the ring photo you’ve always dreamed about, we have you covered for how to post the perfect engagement ring selfie.


Keep The Caption Short And Sweet

At the end of the day, getting engaged is a personal moment, so don’t feel pressured to write your entire love story and an engagement play-by-play in the photo caption. A simple, “I said yes!” is enough to get everyone excited for you and ready to hear the full story later. Plus, you don’t need to profess your love for your fiancé from your iPhone, you have a lifetime ahead of you to tell them how you feel in person.

Best day ever💍 🐾

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Plan It Out!

If you’re reading this and aren’t engaged yet, it’s OK to think about how you want to tell the world once it does happen. Some soon-to-be fiancées want the moment captured forever, in high-definition, from the time he gets on one knee to when it finally starts to sink in.

If that’s you, start dropping some subtle hints to your significant other, especially if you’ve already had the discussion about what type of engagement ring you might want. Maybe he can hire a photographer to hide in the bushes, or maybe your friends and family will be there, overlooking in the distance, ready to capture the moment. Professional photos or action shots can only enhance the surprise, and are the perfect memento to look back on and think about how you still somehow didn’t see it coming.

And, if you’re looking to get inspired on how others have done it, check out how Boston gets engaged by following the hashtag, #MyLongsRing for engagement announcements throughout New England and beyond.

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