6 Tips For Taking The Perfect #EngagementRingSelfie

Author Long's Staff
Date Oct 29, 2021

He got down on one knee, popped the question, and after the emotional rollercoaster that you went through, you are finally able to relax enough to realize that you are now engaged - Congrats! Now what? It’s time to tell your friends and family.

Thanks to modern technology, we are able to save some time and cell data by turning to social media to make the big announcement, and the newest trend is none other than the #engagementringselfie. You’ve seen it before, the picture where you hold out your left hand and somehow the ring catches the light perfectly to incite jealousy in every single girl out there who is scrolling through her newsfeed.

But, how do they get it to sparkle so perfectly? How did she get her diamond to look so flawless with just a phone camera? We can’t take the picture for you, but we can share with you our tips and tricks for getting the perfect engagement ring selfie. Use our simple steps to snap the perfect photo, then watch the likes come rolling in:

The Lighting

There are two simple dos and don’ts of finding the perfect lighting for your picture, which may be the most important element of the #engagementringselfie!

Do take the photo in natural lighting. Sunlight is the most flattering type of lighting for any type of photo and especially for diamond rings. Stand by the nearest window or go outside and move your hand around until you catch the sunlight perfectly. Pictures near the ocean or a lake come out especially well because the light not only reflects off of your diamond, but off of the water as well to boost the ring’s sparkle and brilliance.

Don’t take your photo under lamps! While the lighting may look perfect, soft, and romantic in person, in pictures the atmosphere does not translate the same. The yellow tint from the light bulb will often reflect off of the center diamond, causing your white diamond to look more yellow – Not the best way to show off your new bling for the first time to everyone you’ve ever known! Trust us, if you’re proposed to at night and want to take a picture right away, wait until morning when the sun is up to capture the perfect sparkle for your picture.

Pro Tip: Never, and we repeat, NEVER, use flash to take a picture of your diamond! The brilliance of the stone will reflect back, causing spots that creates an unattractive photo.

The Angle

One of the hardest things about taking the perfect engagement ring selfie is finding the right angle that not only shows off your new rock, but all of the details in the ring as well. We know that maybe you have your heart set on showing off the fancy particulars of the band, but the only angle that we truly endorse is the top-down, or table view, shot of your ring. It is the most popular way that we photograph all of your rings because it shows off the diamond, is the most visually appealing, and gives a truthful impression of the size of the diamond as well, if not making it appear larger!

Pro Tip: Take off all other jewelry before snapping the picture, including watches. Other jewelry leads the eye away from your new diamond engagement ring, and larger, chunkier pieces such as big face watches may make your diamond seem smaller in comparison.

The Props

To really amp up your picture, try using some props. Stand over beautiful tile, place your hand near fresh flowers, hold a fancy cupcake…the possibilities are infinite. One idea that we love is going to your friendly neighborhood barista and asking them to write “Bride To Be” Or “Future Mrs. X” on your Starbucks coffee cup. Remember, everyone appreciates a cute pose with a fun item, and everybody loves a dog Instagram. This is the opportunity to really show off your personality and creativity! If you need ideas, you can stalk the hashtag #engagementringselfie, or take your search to Pinterest for fresh new ideas.

Pro Tip: Get your significant other in the picture somehow, whether it is their hand, or they are blurred off to the side or in the background. This makes it more about you two rather than just about the ring.

The Background

One of the most important aspects of the engagement ring selfie is the background. To keep your new ring the center of attention, we have two commandments we live by. The first is to keep your background simple, clutter-free, and to use soft colors. If you don’t want to be cliché, avoid taking the photo in your car, and if you don’t want to be boring, skip the office background Instagram. The second rule is to create enough space between your hand and whatever background you choose. The larger the space, the more the background will blur in the picture, and the more prominent the ring will be!

Pro Tip: The most popular #engagementringselfie backgrounds are the proposal location! If your significant other went above and beyond with the proposal, show them some love and show off the stunning proposal location, too.

Focusing The Camera

If you only take away one thing from this article, make sure that it is this: Don’t zoom in! When you use the zoom on your phone’s camera to get a picture closer up, it often comes out blurry. Instead, move your camera to however far away you want the diamond to be. When your engagement ring is in the perfect spot, tap the viewfinder of your phone where the center of the diamond is on your screen, and allow for your phone to adjust accordingly. If you are finding it difficult to tap the front of your screen without moving it around, try using the side buttons on your headphones instead.

Pro Tip: It is easier for your camera to focus on your diamond if background items are further away. Try creating more distance between your ring and other objects if you’re having trouble.

The Manicure

If you’re taking a picture of the engagement ring, more likely than not you’re going to be getting your nails in the photo, too. Everyone likes a good manicure picture, but everyone loves a manicure picture with a new sparkly diamond ring. Try to avoid bright, neon colors that will detract attention away from the ring, and instead opt for colors like light pinks, creams, pastels, or the classic French manicure that will really make your ring pop.

Pro Tip: If you don’t have time for a fresh mani, make sure you use a nail polish remover to take off any leftover polish and apply a clear coat for a clean finish. It not only looks more put together, but the clear polish will have a soft shimmer in the picture!

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