Top 5 Best Engagement Ring Settings

Author Lynelle Schmidt
Date Feb 9, 2015

Top 5 Best Engagement Ring Settings

You've already dreamed about your future engagement ring. It's beautiful, sophisticated, and timeless. When you craft the image of that perfect ring in your mind, you may have an idea of what you want it to look like. But, when it's time to tell your significant other about your dream ring, you'll want to be as specific as possible!

There are a few things he should know before he goes shopping for your engagement ring, one of them being the type of ring setting that you prefer. Do you want a plain metal setting or one that is dazzling with diamonds? Do you want something more unique or a style that has been around for a while? There are many different options when it comes time to choose your engagement ring setting.

You can always custom create a unique engagement ring setting, or you can choose from some of the more popular choices. To get you started, here are our choices for the top 5 best engagement ring settings:

#1: Pavé Setting

Pavé comes from the French word for "paved." A pavé setting has one or more rows of small stones that are fitted as close as possible and set level with the surface of the ring. If you run your finger along a pavé setting, it should feel smooth and silky like a "paved" road.

The accent diamonds in a pavé setting are often very small and held in place by small beads or prongs. The metal in a pavé setting is barely noticeable, so the end result is that the band looks like it's made entirely of diamonds. This helps to give the illusion of bigger diamonds and creates a beautiful sparkle on the ring.

Top 5 Best Engagement Ring Settings: Pave Setting

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#2: Prong Setting

Prong settings are one of the most popular for engagement rings because they encompass solitaire, three stone and halo styles. Typically, prong settings will involve three to six metal claws that hold the diamonds on the band firmly in place. Instead of a pavé setting that pushes the stones tightly together and hides the metal, with prongs you will be able to see the metal very clearly. The metal prongs raise the stones to allow in the most light to maximize the diamond's brilliance and sparkle.

You'll notice in these pictures that the stones along the bands of the rings are held together nicely by visible prongs. Small stones, like these, that are next to one another often share prongs to avoid looking cluttered. Prong settings will help to hold even the softest and most fragile stones or gems in place.

Top 5 Best Engagement Ring Settings: Prong Setting

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#3: Wide Band

Wide band engagement rings have bands that are the same width as the center stone. The two sides of the metal meet at the diamond without pinching in or changing widths in any way. Having a wide band engagement ring makes it look like the ring is continuous and allows the metal to really shine.

This engagement ring setting is much more modern and unique compared to the other more traditional settings. It's become much more popular in the last few years because it is so different and is very sturdy compared to much smaller settings.

Top 5 Best Engagement Ring Settings: Wide Setting

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#4: Channel Set

Channel settings have been around for a while in the bridal industry. They consist of two tracks of metal that hold a row of stones side-by-side with no metal separating each stone. You would not find any additional prongs or metal of any kind between the stones in a channel set engagement ring.

Having a channel set will protect the edge of the diamonds and holds the stones very securely in place. Because the stones are held in place by the metal on both sides, the setting is more smooth to touch and is less likely to get snagged on clothing or hair.

Top 5 Best Engagement Ring Settings: Channel Setting

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#5: Bezel Set

Bezel set engagement rings have a center stone completely surrounded on all sides by a thin, flat piece of metal. The setting essentially creates a metal frame around the girdle (the thin edge of the stone) to give it added protection. This type of setting is perfect for anyone that is rough on their hand because the diamond is held safely between the metal and is even sunk a little below it for extra protection. The frame also acts as a shield from any chips or blemishes on the sides of the stone that you don't want to be visible.

Bezel set engagement rings are also a good way to make the center stone look larger. With the added frame on all sides of the diamond, the stone appears bigger if it the frame is a white metal such as white gold or platinum. It's also a great setting for any type of stone because it can be shaped in any way to surround the stone.

Top 5 Best Engagement Ring Settings: Bezel Setting

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