5 Reasons To Shop Local When You Buy Jewelry

Author Taylor Rao
Date Oct 22, 2018


Listen, we know almost everything has gone online these days when it comes to shopping. You can order paper towels to your doorstep with Amazon, buy clothing in your exact size without ever having to try it on, and you can even purchase big ticket items like an engagement ring or wedding band online.

Sure, there are some benefits to browsing the web--you can compare styles and prices easily, you have access to items sold in other parts of the country (and world), and you can complete your purchase with the click of a button. While that sounds like a plan for buying odds and ends to save you time for your weekly errand run, there are a few reasons why shopping online isn’t the best option when it comes to a purchase as significant as an engagement ring.

We’ve rounded up a few reasons to encourage you to shop local when it’s time to choose a jeweler, not a website, for your engagement ring or wedding band purchase.

You Want to See and Feel the Quality in 3D


Have you ever ordered something online that looked great in photos and not so great when it arrived? Looks can be deceiving from a computer screen, and you don’t want to take your chances by purchasing a ring online that doesn’t meet your in-person expectations.

It doesn’t hurt for the bride-to-be or the ring purchaser to look online to get an idea, but keep in mind that if it looks too good to be true, it probably is. AKA the giant, sparkly ring from Pinterest most likely has an outrageous price tag and will likely be impossible to track down.

Visiting jewelry stores to try on rings in person can help you identify what you actually want when you’re seeing the selection in real life. You can test them out on your own ring finger and understand what type of quality you can get for your exact budget.

It’s the Start of a Long Relationship


Hint: we don’t mean the relationship between you and your significant other. When it’s time to shop for an engagement ring, it’s important to work with someone who has you and your fiancé-to-be’s best interests in mind--someone you can get to know and build trust. You can read as much fine print as you want, but nothing beats being able to have an open conversation with a diamond expert who can make recommendations based on what they learn about you.

And if you’re shying away from shopping in a store because you’re worried about the stereotypical salesy-ness, know that not all jewelers work off commission. Keep in mind these people are professionals, and they’re here to help you. Most jewelry stores don’t want one-and-done customers, they want you to become clients for life and for you to use them as a resource for all future jewelry-related questions and needs.

There are Perks


Jewelers are well aware that their customers place a lot of trust in them when it comes to a purchase as significant (financially and emotionally) as an engagement ring or wedding band. And when you’re spending a good chunk of change, you should certainly expect to get what you pay for and then some.

Many jewelry stores offer free cleaning and inspections of your engagement ring or wedding band for life, and it’s something they encourage you to take advantage of. Rather than pay to have it cleaned or worrying about having cleaning supplies at home, those quick trips to the jeweler will save you additional money and offer peace of mind that your ring is in good hands for as long as you’re wearing it.

And if your ring needs repairs or a little extra TLC, there's no better place to restore it to its original state than the jeweler who helped you find the ring of your dreams.

Word of Mouth Goes a Long Way

Local businesses thrive off word of mouth, one of the more pure, true (and free) forms of advertising. Whether you’re shopping for a ring in your hometown or in a completely new city, research what jewelers have a good reputation from engaged or married friends you know, or research the buzz by checking out reviews online. You might find out about a specific consultant that everyone recommends working with, or learn a few tips about the shop before you even walk in.

It feels good to support a local business that’s committed to customer service, quality and care. And receiving that attention in person is even better than receiving a promotional email with a coupon code in your inbox.

You Have a Place to Go to Upgrade


When you work with a jeweler, they get to know you as a couple from the beginning of your life together. That means they meet when you're ready for the engagement ring and help you select the best possible option for your lifestyle and current budget.

But let’s say down the road you’ve reached the point where a bigger diamond becomes a possibility--your jeweler will be there for you to walk you through the next step in the process. You can skip the pawn shop or Facebook Marketplace and trade in your diamond with your current jeweler, working with them to create a new ring that celebrates your relationship and the milestones you’ve achieved along the way.

Ready to take that online browsing to the next level and try on engagement rings at a jewelry store? Make an appointment or stop by a Long’s Jewelers location any time to get started on one of the most exciting steps in the wedding planning process!


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