Jewelry Repair & Restoration

Long's Jewelers is proud to be New England's jewelry repair destination for over 140 years. Our experts will repair and restore your broken or damaged jewelry at any of our New England retail locations.

Jewelry Repair

Our experienced jewelers specialize in all types of jewelry repair and restoration, including ring sizing, soldering of broken chains and bracelets, diamond and gemstone settings, and custom jewelry design.

We invite you to bring your jewelry to any Long’s store for a complimentary evaluation and repair estimate. To get a general understanding of how much a jewelry repair will cost, our free guide goes over the most common jewelry repairs and their relative costs.

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Our Jewelry Repair Services

Our Jewelry Repair Services

Broken Jewelry Repair

From rings to bracelets, necklaces and earrings, we repair broken links, clasps and more.

Ring Sizing and Prong Work

We will size gold, platinum and silver rings to a larger or smaller size, plus we repair broken shanks and replace lost stones. We will inspect all prong work and tighten or re-tip prongs where necessary.

Jewelry Cleaning

Our trained technicians use professional-grade steam cleaning, ultrasonic and polishing equipment to give your jewelry and watches a thorough cleaning.

Diamond & Gemstone Setting

Our master jewelers can set diamonds, precious, semi-precious and exotic gemstones into all types of jewelry.

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