5 Oval Engagement Rings We're Obsessed With

Author David Millette
Date Feb 15, 2021

For those who are bold enough to break out of the norm, "fancy cut" engagement rings are a great way to show everyone a little bit of your unique personality. Fancy cut diamonds are ones that are different than the traditional round shape that has been a timeless classic for decades. Over the past few years, fancy cut diamonds have become increasingly popular to use in engagement rings because they offer something a little different.

One of our favorite fancy diamond cuts is the oval cut diamond. An oval diamond's shape makes the diamond appear larger and makes the wearer's finger appear slimmer. Since the oval is a very similar shape to the round brilliant cut diamond, oval diamonds are considered to be very close in brilliance.

So, if you want an oval diamond, what are your options? Because of the increase in demand for this style of ring, there are many different options for oval engagement rings today. We've made a list of our 5 favorite settings designed to hold an oval cut diamond. Continue reading to explore what this fancy cut stone has to offer and start planning for your dream ring today:

Solitaire Diamond Cathedral Tulip Engagement Ring by Ritani

Oval Engagement RingsOval Engagement Rings

Let's start off with the solitaire diamond cathedral tulip engagement ring by Ritani. This simple design consists of an 18 karat gold band that supports a platinum head and prongs. The blooming flower shape beautifully showcases your oval diamond, and by using platinum, it ensures your diamond will remain securely mounted in the ring.

This is an amazing ring for someone who wants the uniqueness of the oval cut diamond to stand out on its own. By keeping the design simple with no accent stones, everyone's focus will be on your fancy cut diamond!

Double French-Set Band Engagement Ring by Ritani

Oval Engagement RingsOval Engagement Rings

This luxurious ring uses two rows of French set diamonds to catch everyone's attention and ensure that your oval shaped diamond will be noticed. Although it's luxurious, the ring keeps a very simple design which makes it easy to pair with any wedding band.

As you can see in the image to the right, a matching wedding band can sit flush next to this ring and give your finger a more full appearance. Since the ring features an oval cut diamond, your stone is able to span the four rows of diamond and give the appearance of one ultra luxurious ring. This is perfect for anyone who loves diamonds but doesn't care for wearing rings on too many fingers.

Oval Disc Shank Halo Engagement Ring by A.Jaffe

Oval Engagement RingsOval Engagement Rings

If you want a ring that will protect your oval diamond, this halo setting by A. Jaffe might be the choice for you. Unlike most halo rings, this elongated halo has been specially designed for oval shaped stones and can be adjusted to fit a wide range of diamond sizes. No matter how big your diamond is, this oval shaped halo will make it look larger on your finger and protect the edges from scratches and chips.

The ring's band has also been carefully designed to give the owner the ultimate engagement ring. Its rounded square shape gives the ring a comfortable fit and prevents the ring from rotating on your finger. The band's shank uses shared prongs to set accent diamonds that span the visible top of the band. This helps to add a little more sparkle to your ring and ensures that heads will turn when you enter the room.

Double French-Set Diamond "V' Engagement Ring With Surprise Diamonds by Ritani

Oval Engagement RingsOval Engagement Rings

This unique oval engagement ring uses a long split shank design to transition from the thin band to the tall oval shape of your diamond. If you have a large oval center stone, this is a good way to give your ring a streamline look. The split shank makes the top of the band wider, which allows the ring sit more comfortably on your finger and makes the mounting more secure.

The ring features accent stones along the bands split shank, as well as on the side of the mounting right beneath the diamond. This ring is great for someone who wants to have a large oval shaped diamond but doesn't want the size of the stone to make the ring sit uncomfortably.

Dazzling Oval Pave Vine-Crossover Diamond Engagement Ring by A. Jaffe

Oval Engagement RingsOval Engagement Rings

This ring is named after the vine crossover design, which serves as a pedestal for you to display your rare diamond on. To draw some attention to your tall standing diamond, the vine crossover and the bands shank are both pave set with accent diamonds. These diamonds are sure to send sparkling light in every direction and show everyone who the luckiest girl in the world is!

Just like the other A. Jaffe ring featured earlier in this list, this ring features a rounded square band that keeps the ring centered on your finger. This design is especially important in this ring because having a diamond that sits this high above the band can cause imbalance.

Do any of these oval engagement rings catch your eye? All are available at Long's Jewelers! Make an appointment to visit any of our five retail locations to see them in person or contact us for more information.

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