What Are Split Shank Engagement Rings?

Author Lynelle Schmidt
Date Feb 15, 2021

When looking at engagement rings, you might have noticed that sometimes there is a split in the metal right at the top of the ring. It can be pronounced or more subtle, but this little detail is the distinct characteristic of what we call split shank engagement rings.

Typically, engagement rings will have a band that is solid all the way through to the top of the ring. Split shank engagement rings, however, will break apart at some point as the band reaches the center diamond. It'll look as though there are two separate bands because of the split.

A lot of times, there will be a visible gap where the split happens before it connects to the center diamond or halo. This gap makes for an interesting and unique twist on the ring that you won't find with many other styles. It also helps to add more volume and gives the illusion of a larger center diamond, especially if the bands feature more diamonds.

Here is an example of a split shank engagement ring that has a shallow split, meaning that it happens closer to the top of the ring. The two bands meet at the top to seamlessly transition into the diamond halo around the center stone:

split shank engagement rings

A split shank ring doesn't have to be a shallow split. It can be a larger, more pronounced split that happens further down the sides of the ring. This gives the engagement ring a different look entirely because it makes it seems like the band is almost completely split all the way around. With the more shallow split (above), you'll be able to see the band and the split clearly when looking from the top.

Here is an example of a split shank ring that splits much further down the band to give a fuller, more voluminous look to the ring:

split shank engagement rings

These two examples of split shank rings represent the majority of the rings with this detail. There are, however, more modern and fun ways to add this element on any ring. Here are a few examples of what you can do with a split shank engagement ring to make it even more original:

split shank engagement ringssplit shank engagement rings split shank engagement rings

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