Mallary Marks

Mallary has a passion for searching the world over for inspiration. She then uses her ability to marry precious, semiprecious, transparent and opaque gemstones into striking and unusual color compositions. Stones such as multi-colored sapphires, lapis, diamonds, chrysophrase, orange garnets, agates and emeralds (to name a few) are joined with intricate patterns of pure gold distinguishing each handmade piece with thoughtfulness and authenticity.

22K and 18K Yellow Gold Multi Gem Charm Bracelet
18K Yellow Gold Chrysoprase Buoy Earrings
18K Yellow Gold Amazonite Buoy Earrings
18K Yellow Gold Coral Buoy Earrings
18K Yellow Gold Opal Buoy Earrings
18K Yellow Gold Turquoise Buoy Earrings
22/18K Yellow Gold Multi Gemstone Necklace
22/18K Yellow Gold Chrysoberyl and Chrysoprase Drop Earrings
22/18K Yellow Gold Sapphire and Garnet Drop Earrings