Do Wedding Rings Need To Match Engagement Rings?

Author Lynelle Schmidt
Date Feb 15, 2021

When it comes time to choose your wedding ring, there are no rules. Some people think ahead about a matching wedding ring, even as early as when choosing their engagement ring. Others would rather deal with it when the times comes.

There is nothing out there that says your wedding ring needs to match your engagement ring. There are many people who have unique engagement rings or vintage rings where it would be impossible to have a completely matching wedding ring. Or maybe, you just want something a little different than a completely matched set. The possibilities are endless, and it's important that you know all the different choices you have before deciding.

So, here are some questions that we often get so you can start thinking about how you will choose your wedding ring:

If I want them to match, where should I start?

There are plenty of options available for you to match your wedding ring to your engagement ring. You could match with the diamond accents on your engagement ring, the overall design of it, or the color if there are any gemstones. Look for a store with a wide variety of options to choose from so that if you do want a matching band, you can find one that you'll fall in love with. You'll often find that several styles match and you still have a choice which band is best for you.

Does the wedding ring need to touch the engagement ring?

You'll need to decide if you want the wedding ring to sit completely flush against the engagement ring or not. No matter what, there will be a small gap between both rings, even if you get a ring to be flush against the engagement ring. And this will be okay! Sometimes our brides-to-be don't like having a small gap or aren't comfortable with it. It's important to think of wedding bands and rings as a complete set with each ring being individually beautiful on its own. It's completely alright if the two rings don't have the same shape and aren't flush against one another.

Here are a few examples of wedding rings that aren't flush that still look fantastic:

ring7 IMG_20140609_021202 IMG_2647

If you still don't like the look of a wedding ring that is not flush against the engagement ring, you can get a ring that lines up perfectly with the edge of your engagement ring. Or, you can try to find a wedding ring that has two sides that come up from the bottom to create a ring "sandwich." Here are some examples so you can visualize this:

nk19006we-w_3.jpg 5a77753a7e9ecb56942c523abd76bcaf

But what if I can't find an exact matching wedding ring but I want my rings to still look good together?

Sometimes the best advice we can give people when they are struggling to find a wedding ring that they like is to forget the idea that the band needs to perfectly match the engagement ring. Instead, focus on the overall look of the band and the engagement ring together. Sometimes an engagement ring and wedding band will "go" together without being completely matched up.

You don't have to get the same exact look as the band on your engagement ring. You could choose to have larger stones in the wedding band compared to smaller stones you have on the engagement ring. Or, you can even switch up the metal on the wedding band to create a more unique look. You need to get into the mindset that the two rings don't have to be completely matched together, but together can create a beautiful look.

Here are a few examples of wedding rings that don't perfectly match the engagement ring, but still "go" together:

My_ring IMAG0402 PICT2110

But what if I REALLY can't find a band that looks good with my engagement ring?

Even if someone has searched high and low, been in every jewelry store in their area, they can still have a hard time finding a wedding ring that could make them happy. Either the look is still a little off from what they want, or they just really don't like the idea of having a wedding band next to their engagement ring. Whatever the reason, this still does happen from time to time.

There are a few alternatives you could consider in this case. For one, you could have your wedding ring custom designed. This way, you get the exact look that you were hoping to find and it'll match your engagement ring perfectly. Many jewelers offer custom services like this so that you can design wedding ring from scratch.

Another alternative is to wear your engagement ring on your right hand and have the wedding ring on your left. We have had people do this in the past. Even if it's not a traditional way to wear your wedding ring, it could help you become satisfied with the overall look of both rings.

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