Should You Invest In Wedding Photography? [A Professional Photographer's Point Of View]

Author Eric Balcanoff
Date Feb 15, 2021

Eric is Long's resident photographer. He also is an experienced wedding photographer in his spare him. Eric has years of experience capturing the perfect bridal moment that'll last a lifetime.

When planning a wedding, there are countless expenses to take into consideration that add up quicker than you might anticipate. The extravagant meals for all of your guests, the beautiful three-tier cake, the DJ, and so much more.

While the majority of these things are gone once the day comes to an end, there are two important products whose value will only increase with time. First, there are the rings. The symbol of your love and your marriage and a memento which you will appreciate every day and may pass down through your family for generations. The second, which you may have guessed, is the photographer. Your wedding photographer will be counted on to capture the emotions, the love and the excitement of you and your partner’s special day. The visuals of these memories will only become more important to you as you grow older.

How much does wedding photogaphy cost?

Now let’s discuss how much you should spend on wedding photography. The final cost may depend on a few things. Do you want to own the copyrights to all of the images? Is a wedding album important to you? Does the photographer you’re interested have to travel far for your wedding? These are all things to take into consideration that will greatly affect how much you spend, but at the end of the day it is not uncommon to spend as much as $10,000 on the photography alone.

Why do wedding photographers charge so much?

For starters, he or she worked hard to get to where they are today, in some cases spending up to six figures on a degree and another $15,000 on professional equipment. In addition to this, your photographer puts in several hours of work beyond the coverage they give you on the day of the wedding. Many hours are devoted to professionally editing your photos to make them look flawless before they are delivered to you. There are plenty of other factors that contribute to high costs, such as insurance, business taxes, gas mileage, and more.

Is it worth it to spend thousands of dollars on wedding photography?

It all depends on what you can afford, but it will undoubtedly be one of the more important investments you will make. While your Uncle Tim may be willing to shoot your wedding free of charge as a wedding gift, or one of your cousins is an art student who will do it for pennies, the amount of time, effort, and expertise an experienced professional will devote towards your photos can’t be topped. So, prior to booking your wedding photographer, determine what kind of package you want and hire someone based on their portfolio and not their price tag. He or she may be the most important vendor present on your big day.

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