6 Unique Gold Wedding Bands For Men

Author Lynelle Schmidt
Date Feb 15, 2021
p> Wedding bands are often the first piece of jewelry a man will buy that he will be wearing each and every day of his life. So, why not use the wedding band as a way to show off a little bit of your personal style and personality?

Lately, many men have decided to stray from the traditional wedding band look because they want rings that have a little more pizazz. There's nothing wrong with a more traditional look. Classic gold wedding bands have been the standard for men's wedding bands for many years. But, there are so many more ring options for men today that have more intricate and unique details.

If you are someone who wants a band that is just a little different, here are what we feel to be the 6 most unique gold wedding bands for men:

1. Men's Flat Satin Finished Sectioned Wedding Ring by Ritani

6 Unique Gold Wedding Bands For Men

This unique yellow gold band is sectioned off into different parts to give a unique pizazz to an otherwise plain gold band. The grooves between each section add texture to the band. This ring has a flat outer edge with a satin finish and is 8mm wide. The satin finish is complimented by the bright, polished edges found along the ring. Overall, it is a more complex and interesting design for a gold wedding band.

2. 14K Yellow Gold Diagonal Design Wedding Band by Diana

6 Unique Gold Wedding Bands For Men

This gold wedding band, with a satin and polished finish, has a twisted design with coin edge details. The diagonal design gives the ring more texture and makes it pop more than a more traditional band.

3. "Musclins" Yellow Gold Wedding Band by Furrer Jacot

6 Unique Gold Wedding Bands For Men

This wildly unique ring, brought to you by Furrer Jacot, is a great way to express your personal style and add two different colors to the ring. The carbon fiber black background allows the yellow gold metal design to really shine through. This is perfect if you are something who has a more edgy style.

4. Men's Polished Coin Edge Wedding Ring by Ritani

6 Unique Gold Wedding Bands For Men

While this ring may look the closest to the classic style, it is unique in its intricate coin edge design. This handsome band features a bright, polished finish and eye-catching coin-edge accents. It is a great fit for someone who wants something different from a plain band, but doesn't want a gold band that is too over-the-top with its design. The design is just subtle enough to make it stand out, but not too much!

5. "Sculptures" Yellow Gold Wedding Band by Furrer Jacot

6 Unique Gold Wedding Bands For Men

We love this Furrer Jacot pair of wedding bands, featuring a chain design. This style is available with or without diamonds and is a sophisticated way to add personality to your ring. The chain design will really stand out as a wedding band, but for all the right reasons.

6. Men's 10mm Yellow Gold Wedding Band by Memoire

6 Unique Gold Wedding Bands For Men

This wide 10mm gold band from Memoire has a flush finish and rounded shape. It's a unique take on a more classic style, adding just one simple diamond in the middle. The ring itself is very pronounced with it's wide construction and curved shape. It's a ring that is sure to be admired!

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