How To Match Your Unique Engagement Rings With Wedding Bands

Author Lynelle Schmidt
Date Feb 15, 2021

Matching your engagement ring with a wedding band isn't always easy. You get so used to the perfect engagement ring on your left hand. The thought of adding another ring to your set can be stressful for some brides-to-be.

What if the new wedding ring distracts for your original ring? What if it doesn't look quite the way you want it to as a complete set? And, of course, what if you have a unique engagement ring? Where do you even start?

We've seen every type of engagement ring, from modern and funky ring settings to unique shaped diamonds. We've also seen how people can pair any engagement ring flawlessly with an engagement ring. No matter how unique your ring is, we promise it can be done, and we're here to show you how!

If you're at the point where you need to figure out how you're going to match that unique engagement ring, read all four situations and find one that resonates with you:

Situation #1: Unique Shape Diamond

The first situation you may be facing is that your engagement ring has a unique diamond shape as the center stone. These shapes are essentially anything that strays from the more common round stone or square shape of a princess cut diamond. Unique shaped diamonds include pear, marquise or even heart shaped diamonds.

Finding a matching wedding band to compliment a unique shape diamond on your ring can be tricky. Many wedding bands are designed to compliment shapes that are symmetrical. You may need to feel comfortable enough to have an uneven stack of bands to create a beautiful overall look instead of going for a completely matching set. You could also try to add wedding bands on either side of the engagement ring to add a little bit of symmetry to the look. Or, you could just find a band or custom design a ring that matches the unique shape of the diamond perfectly. For instance, in the last example you'll see here, the wedding band shapes around the pointed edge of the heart shaped diamond to pair up perfectly together.

Assemble a stack of unique bands together to create a beautiful overall look


Place a wedding band on either side of the engagement ring to create symmetry


Find a wedding band that is tailored towards your unique diamond shape

Unique Engagement Rings
via Fascinating Diamonds

Situation #2: Unique Cut Diamond

A second situation that you might be dealing with is having a unique cut diamond in your engagement ring. Just like with the unique shaped diamonds, the two most popular cuts are round and princess cut diamonds. These normally pair perfectly with most wedding rings you'll find at any store.

However, if you have a more unique cut like a emerald or asscher cut diamond, you'll want to think carefully about how you'll pair it with your wedding ring. You can try to find a band that mirrors the unique cut of your center diamond. For instance, if you have an emerald cut diamond, you could pair it with a band that has smaller emerald cut diamonds to create an amazing, cohesive look. Or, you can choose to highlight the uniqueness of your stone by opting for a much more simple and plain band. You could go as plain as to just have one thin band that matches the metal of your engagement ring. This is a simple and easy way to showcase your beautiful stone and its unique cut.

Mirror the unique cut of the center diamond in the diamonds on the band


Add a very simple wedding band to accentuate the unique diamond

Ritani Asscher Cut

Situation #3: Vintage Ring

A third situation that you may be dealing with is trying to match an already unique vintage engagement ring with a wedding band. A truly authentic vintage ring can be tricky to pair exactly with a wedding band because usually each design is one-of-a-kind. Even if the artist made multiples, it's rare that they would turn out 100% the same, because they were crafted by hand. Vintage rings are a great way to show off your originality, but finding the matching band proves to be difficult for many people.

When it comes to a unique vintage ring, we have a few suggestions. First, we encourage whoever is buying the ring to buy the matching set if it is available. There is a good chance that there won't be a matching set, but if there is, make sure to buy both at the same time. That way, she won't have to worry about finding its match! Another suggestion is to custom design a wedding ring to perfectly match the uniqueness of the vintage ring. Or, you can again use just a plain and simple metal band to pair up against the vintage ring and really show off all the details and intricacies on the ring.

Try to buy the vintage engagement ring and band as a complete set so it perfectly matches


Custom design a wedding band to perfectly match your unique vintage ring


Keep it simple with a plain wedding band to highlight the uniqueness of your vintage engagement ring


Situation #4: Unique Ring Setting

Last but not least, one of the last tricky situations that we've seen when trying to find a matching wedding band involve engagement rings with unique settings. There are so many unique designs out there, and many people want to stand out and be original! That's why unique ring settings, also widely known as modern settings, have become so popular recently. These rings are fun and playful, usually designed in a way that strays from traditional solitaire or three stone settings. You'll find rings with details like swirls or dual-tone metals that give the ring a fresh new twist on the more classic styles.

To pair these rings can be a challenge, however. One solution is to find the wedding band that perfectly matches the setting of the engagement ring. Because most of these settings are modern, there's a good chance that the designer specifically created a matching set, like the example from Ritani below. You could also custom design a ring that fits perfectly along with your unique setting. We get a lot of people that opt to do this because it proves to be difficult to find a matching pair.

Find a matching set so your unique setting pairs perfectly with your wedding band

Unique Engagement Ring

Custom design a wedding ring to go along perfectly with your unique engagement ring setting

Unique Engagement Ringvia MDC Diamonds

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