Trendy Wedding Bands for Her [2019]

Author Veronica Rose
Date Feb 15, 2021


Women have been donning wedding bands for centuries and the styles and trends to choose from have only flourished for upcoming Boston brides. The trend to watch this year is stacking wedding bands, and not just stacking but stacking on many different fingers, mixing and matching shapes, metals and even adding some color. We have been seeing beautiful brides all over the city, young and old, enhancing their classic engagement ring/wedding band pairing with this fashion forward look. With all of the unique and beautiful bands we have to offer at Long’s, choosing meaningful wedding bands that complement your individual personality has never been more enjoyable.

1. Stacking on Different Fingers

Ring Featured: 14K White Gold Round Baguette Diamond Eternity Band

We all know stacking rings has been around for a while but a fun new technique to this popular trend is stacking your wedding bands on different fingers. This means not just adding multiple bands to your ring finger, but to other fingers, as well. We’ve noticed this trend is most popular for women in their 20’s and 30’s. Keep in mind that even though they are considered wedding bands, even single women are getting in on the trend, married or not. The best part about stacking rings is that you get to make your own rules - do what you think looks best! This technique is all about expressing your personal style while still keeping to tradition. Traditionally, the engagement ring and the wedding band are stacked together on the left hand ring finger. More recently, it has become more popular to wear an additional ring. This ring, oftentimes an anniversary band, is gifted to commemorate a special occasion later on. Wearing many wedding bands, either on one finger, or on several fingers, can be both fashionable and meaningful.


2. Mismatched Shapes

Rings Featured: 18K White Gold Oval Diamond Eternity Wedding Band by Memoire, 18K White Gold Emerald Cut Eternity Wedding Band by Memoire

Nothing makes a wedding band stack stand out better than mixing and matching shapes! This is a perfect way to create dimension and balance while also showing off your superior stacking skills. You can go bold, yet subtle, as shown in the photo above, with larger stones of the same metal surrounding a more delicate band in between. Or if you are looking for a more boho chic look, you can try stacking daintier bands of different shapes, sizes or metals, as shown in the fourth and final image below.

3. Something New, Something Blue

Ring Featured: 14K White Gold Round Diamond and Sapphire Wedding Band

Your wedding band of choice doesn’t have to be blue but it can have a pop of color! Adding colorful gemstones to wedding bands and engagement rings has been all the rage lately. What better way to personalize a wedding band than by adding your favorite color or birthstone gem into the mix? You can make it even more sentimental and use your partner’s favorite color or birthstone.There are many colored wedding bands to mix and match at Long's, and fashion-forward couples are loving the infinite possibilities 2019 has to offer.

4. Mixing Metals

Rings Featured: 14K Yellow Gold Round and Marquise Diamond Wedding Band with Milgrain, 18K White Gold Diamond Halfway Wedding Band, 18K Rose Gold Round Milgrain Wedding Band 

Sometimes stacking rings can seem stressful, so if you’re feeling overwhelmed, we suggest starting small and simple. A great way to start is by simply adding a touch of variety by mixing and matching different metals. Contemporary brides are loving this look and so are we! Choosing a wedding band and engagement ring combo should reflect your unique style, so this is a perfect opportunity to showcase exactly who you are. You can go big or small with this, but whether you are using rose gold, yellow gold, white gold or platinum, any combination will look beautiful blended together.


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